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Bachelor Parties from Humble Beginnings

Remember when your best friend asked you to be the best man at his wedding?

It was an exciting moment, and you were proud to have that honor until all the boys started calling you about the bachelor party. You were young and dumb, and you were not sure what the hell to do. Where would we eat? Which strip club can we go to? Are we going clubbing? Do we rent a room and get strippers too?

The whole crew had suggestions and demands, and you tried to please them all, but you failed in the end. You waited too long to make reservations at the restaurant the groom loved. Which lead to having to eat in a cramped pizzeria eating mediocre pizza. You didn’t even book bottle service at the strip club and you ended up sitting at the smallest of tables with 10 annoyed horny bastards.

From there you went to the hottest nightclub in the city, you managed to get on their “guestlist”, but that only meant waiting in another lineup. You wasted a good hour outside listening to the bass blast through the walls. Once inside the club, you had no table and you had to fight your way to the bar to get your drinks. The groom wanted to be surrounded by women and all he got was being stuck between his friends struggling to bring his drink to his lips.

After that nightclub disaster, you went to your hotel suite for some adult entertainment. Guess what?! The stripper you booked looked nothing like the pictures you saw on the internet, and well she was really ugly.

Nothing went well and you felt like a failure, what could you have done or known to change your shitty bachelor party? That is how our Journey at Montreal Bachelor Party began. Learning from mistakes others and ourselves have made over the years. Eventually, we got the formula right and we started throwing crazy bachelor parties. Friends of friends started asking for our services, and friends of their friends started asking for our help too. It was clear at that point that we could organize the wildest weekends for anyone. That was over fifteen years ago and here we are with thousands of successful bachelor parties planned under our belt.

We will take care of you and your whole party the moment you land in Montreal. You’ll never wait in any lineup, you’ll have the best transportation, eat the best food, have the best bottle service and our adult entertainment is unmatched. All our girls are pre-screened to make sure that they come as advertised, sexy, and beautiful.

We are here to prevent you from being that rookie organizer making terrible choices. Customizing your epic weekend is just a click or phone call away. Your bachelor party will thank you! We promise to get you anything, anytime, anywhere.


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