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Like me, when you’re tasked with planning a bachelor party for your best bud, you may begin to think of scenes from the Hangover or other epic events you’d imagine sharing with your buds. You’re hopeful that it would equate to a “once in a lifetime” experience that won’t be forgotten. Question is, how do you make it happen without breaking the bank?

After plenty of research, reviews, conversations I decided Montreal would be the spot and shortly thereafter stumbled across Montreal Nitelife. Let me help you cut straight to the answer- I would later find out that Montreal Nitelife would be the key to the “once in a lifetime” experience I was imagining. I worked with Adriano to customize a weekend itinerary based on what I thought the bachelor would enjoy. He gave me some awesome suggestions and tips that made it easy to fine tune the best plan possible for our group. I was very impressed as his suggestions ended up being spot on AND saved us money. He helped me craft a plan that I couldn’t help but get excited for after our first conversation. I kept thinking it was too good to be true, but it ended up being a better experience than I could have hoped for. The bachelor himself said on two occasions following our weekend away that it was a “10 out of 10” and that it would be “tough to top a weekend like that one.” This is what it’s all about, and this is the group that will help you accomplish this.

There are some real nice touches in the plans that these guys put together that are worth experiencing for yourself. The pricing was beyond reasonable and I couldn’t believe what we were getting for what we paid. I never felt pressured or taken advantage, and to be honest I wasn’t sure what the process would be like especially since I would be going outside the States. Adriano took care of us and made us feel like kings each night we went out. He always checked in with us and made sure everyone was taken care of. Anytime I had questions that weekend I got immediate responses from him- we were never left out to dry.

My only regret is that I didn’t tip Adriano enough- Adriano honestly deserved more than the cost of the whole damn weekend- he will not let you down and I urge you to give him a chance- if you’re looking to do it right.

Marc S.
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