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We worked with Adriano, he was very accommodating and there at our beckon call whenever we ran into an issue all weekend. The Club he chose for us “BSide” was perfect for our group, with great music and very friendly staff! It was refreshing to get a phone call and deal with a real person which I wasn’t expecting. Adriano also recommended an absolutely beautiful Spa called BOTA BOTA. This was one of my favorite parts of the weekend I was very happy with his suggestions. We also brought my quadriplegic brother with us, which is challenging going places especially in Montreal. It was my first time taking him out by myself but Adriano went and walked the streets to make sure every place we went was going to be accessible, and even found us an accessible Cab! The cab wasn’t very flexible which was disappointing, and found out the first night that we needed to book 24 hours in advance… pretty hard to do with a group of drunk people, but we worked it out for the second night so it was fine!

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