We want your Bachelor Party in Montreal to be wild and entertaining for your entire weekend and that includes having crazy afternoons. Our Beerathlon is a lot like a triathlon but without the need to be a super athlete who can swim, run and ride a bicycle for way too many kilometers. No, our Beerathlon requires only the need to compete and if you have a beer belly, consider it an advantage.

This activity combines multiple elements that will not only get you nice and tipsy, but you will experience some of Montreal’s finest pubs. At each of the pubs you visit, you’ll play fun organized games where everyone wins, attract attention from others who might join the fun, and hang out with our sexy hostesses or referees too.


The Beerathlon will begin once you arrive at the first pub you will be visiting wherein you can have a round of beers all together to warm up and mingle. The first event is called “Anchor” where we will break your group into two teams or more depending on the number of players.

The two teams will face each other lined up one after the other. The teams must designate who will be designated the Anchor. The Anchors will be placed at the end of the line of their respective teams. Each player will have two pints of beer in their hand. The game begins at the front of the line where the first two competitors must chug one of their beers as quickly as possible. The next player can only begin drinking their beer once his previous teammate has finished his whole beer, this continues until it is the Anchor’s turn.

The Anchor must drink both beers back to back before sending the chugging order back the other way. The first team to empty all their glasses wins, and remember spillage will not be tolerated! The winners get a round of drinks or wings paid for by the losers. The winners can also decide to go another round of Anchor If they so choose to do so.


The second Beerathlon event will take place at your second Pub visit of the day. The second event is called “Speed Quarters”. Speed Quarters is a game that will have everyone seated at a table with two pints of beer for each player. The bachelor party will be broken up into pairs and everyone will compete 1v1, face to face.

The goal will be to bounce your quarter into an empty glass placed in between each duo and if you are successful with your bounce you can take a big sip of your beer. The first person to finish their beer wins. The top three fastest drinkers will then decide what the bottom three slowest drinkers have to do. There are no hard-set rules of what punishment they can get but we suggest having them pay for another round for the entire crew.


The final event will take place in a third pub! By this point, everyone will be feeling nice and toasty. The final game is called “Choose your Fate” where each member will pick a card from a deck of cards that we will provide you. Each card requires a specific action to be followed. Our sexy hostess will be the dealer and I failed to mention there will also be an empty pitcher on the bar or your table.

Each member will pick a card one at a time and execute the designated action required. The mandatory actions are to take a sip of your beer, chug your whole beer, choose someone to sip their beer, choose someone to chug their whole beer, and empty your glass into the pitcher. You must always have a glass with some beer in your hands throughout the game until the final round.

The final round begins when the pitcher has been filled completely. The sexy hostess will then add one joker to the deck of cards and shuffle them. Whomever picks the Joker must drink the entire pitcher to themselves.

We will only choose the best pubs in Montreal for the Beerathlon and we will make sure they are prepared for each event. We book your tables and bring anything necessary to ensure the games run properly. Each game requires a minimum amount of beers that will be prepaid, anything extra will need to be paid onsite immediately.

This daytime activity is guaranteed to be plenty of fun and leave everyone walking a little crooked by the end of it. You can include a sexy hostess or bunch of pub-crawling co-eds to accompany your bachelor party during the Beerathlon. They will provide extra entertainment and who knows maybe some will participate in some of the games. Let’s face it, you’ll never make it to the Olympics, you might as well do what you do best! Drink all day and regret it later!