Picture this, you are at your hotel suite or AirBnB on a Saturday afternoon during your bachelor party in Montreal sipping on some drinks with the whole crew. Everyone is talking about how Friday night was a blast with all those strippers and suddenly there is a knock on the door and behold two hot strippers, I mean cops are standing on the other side of your door with stern looks on their face. 

The cops declare “You’re all under arrest!” and the “cops” handcuff and blindfold the bachelor. Like a chain gang you are all led outside to a party bus waiting down outside. During your trip, the cops, I mean strippers, give the crew some wholesome entertainment on the way to jail. It’s a real shame the bachelor will have to suffer not being able to watch and simply listen to his boys having all the fun!

Once inside the prison, the blindfold comes off and the bachelor will realize he is in a prison cell with all his crew. You can plead not guilty all you want but you aren’t going anywhere. The cell door will slam shut, and you will have forty-five minutes to escape and once the time has run out, you’ll be having a sausage party instead of a stag party.


Adding an escape room challenge to your daytime activity plans for your bachelor party in Montreal will add a unique and challenging experience for all involved. Your crew will have to use powers of logic, observation, deduction, abstract thinking and playing with your environment to find and figure out clues that will help lead to your escape.

Our Prison Break themed escape room can be customized to reflect your bachelor which makes the game more entertaining and unique. If you choose to customize you will be asked to provide some pictures of the bachelor which will be incorporated into the décor of the cell. You can also include some written messages to the bachelor or your friends which can be discovered throughout the game. 

You’ll be doing your bachelor a favor because one day soon he’ll feel like he is stuck in jail with with his wife and at least now he knows he a chance to escape!

If you are a large group, you can rent out two escape rooms with different themes. Everyone involved will be entertained without having to wait for their turn to participate. Other themes offered are the “Laboratory”, the “Military Facility”, and the “Lost Temple”. Please keep in mind that “Prison Break” is the only room that offers customization.