We offer way more than Strip Club or Strip House Experiences for your bachelor party in Montreal. When we build our packages, we always include a VIP host to be more than just a travel guide. Having a great host will help ensure your party goes off without a hitch.  Here’s a list why having a VIP host is important for any successful bachelor party.


A VIP host is an integral part of your bachelor party weekend and will be the first person you meet when you arrive in Montreal. Our VIP Host is responsible for your crew kind of like a spirit guide who won’t always be there physically but is always there in crucial moments. 

Your itinerary is filled with amazing activities and you expect not having to work hard to get those activities started. Our VIP hosts will be there for every major activity scheduled during your bachelor party weekend and will even stick around if you need them too.

 In most cases our hosts stick around for the kickoff of an activity and let the party go on without them always being a simple phone call away if things go wrong. has vetted all their VIP hosts thoroughly to ensure that they possess all the qualities necessary that will be displayed below.


The last thing any bachelor party wants to deal with is a rookie host who is constantly calling us seeking advice on how to handle sticky situations. That doesn’t exactly breed confidence and your bachelor party will wonder if they are in safe hands. 

We prep all our hosts and use the lessons of the past to prepare them for the future, so they are never caught flat footed.  Every bachelor party is unique and can present unique challenges but with our current VIP hosts who have worked hundreds if not thousands of bachelor parties have learned quite a lot throughout their years in the nightlife. 

Their depth of experience has taken them everywhere around Montreal and know exactly where to go efficiently. They know Montreal and the nightlife like the back of their hands.Our VIP hosts vast  experience ensures they are calm, cool and collective and know exactly how to fix things when things go wrong.


Sometimes during the planning phase some ideas look great on paper and once it presents itself as a reality your choices don’t really fit and you need something to change. There will always be issues beyond our control during any bachelor party weekend. 

We do our best to send you to the best clubs but maybe you don’t like the crowd who showed up that night or the vibe isn’t really inspiring your crew. Maybe you hate your table in the strip joint because you’re sitting beside some obnoxious boneheads who won’t shut up or stop stealing all your favorite strippers. 

Having a backup plan ready to be executed is a key weapon our VIP hosts possess in case shit needs to change fast. Time is crucial especially if it’s past midnight, no matter what time it is our hosts will have a plan to help get you  what you need. 

Our great hosts have the solutions you need, and you won’t have to deal with club managers or servers yourselves. They already have strong relationships with the most important members of the service industry and know how to work with them to improve the critical situation. 

While our VIP hosts do their job, you can sit back and keep drinking and before you know it your problem is solved.


A VIP host needs to know where the party is at and knows his way around all the clubs he can take you to. Our VIP hosts are experts at getting in front of any lineup at any club and getting your asses inside without issues. 

It’s not their first rodeo and they could care less about the angry people stuck in line giving them the dirty eye for getting in the club ahead of them. Besides, they should have booked with if they didn’t want to wait in line! 

Our hosts have become friends with many of the bouncers and hostesses who take charge of the club doors. The more friends you have in this business the better and we have more than any of our competitors. 

Once inside depending on the season you won’t have to wait in another lineup to check your coats because you guessed it, you skip that line up too. In all likelihood you’re in Montreal during the summer and the coat check won’t even be open so our VIP hosts will bring you to your booked booth, table or spot at the bar personally. 

In most cases our hosts know the layout of the club and don’t need the hostess’ help which comes in handy during wild crazy nights. Our host will stay with you to make sure that your table is in order and that your bottle service will arrive quickly. 


Our VIP hosts are there to take care of business on your behalf so you can focus on having all the fun. Don’t be surprised if your host pours out a tray of shots to get the crew warmed up. Our hosts know how to party, they love it, otherwise they wouldn’t be working the nightlife serving you. 

They know how important it is for all the action to be on point. Our hosts don’t want to see a bunch of guys at a bachelor party sitting around looking miserable. Our hosts make good conversation and trust us that they have plenty of wild stories to share to keep you entertained. 

They will do what they can to inspire the crew and get the liquor flowing so everyone can loosen up, especially the groom to be. Our hosts are like coaches observing his team and he will point out to you who seems to be struggling and who needs some help. It’s all about teamwork and having a good time and our VIP hosts make it happen.


If you think after all these years of hosting bachelor parties in strip clubs and nightclubs, our hosts don’t know a thing or two about picking up women, you’re dead wrong. Our hosts are great at breaking the ice for you and getting some ladies to join you at your tables. 

Our clubs are jammed packed with beautiful women and sometimes can be intimidating to approach, but you can send in our hosts to help you in your quest to get some action. There are no guarantees, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Our hosts also come in handy at the strip club because just like the regular nightclubs they have seen them all and have developed relationships with everyone who works there. They know most of the strippers working the poles and know which ones are the most bachelor party friendly. 

If a certain stripper caught your eye, they will save you the leg work and help get them over to you. Our hosts will also set up the adventure of a lifetime for the groom to get on stage with a couple strippers of your choice. 

It doesn’t matter if you are at a nightclub or stripclub. They understand having a large number of women interacting with your stag party is crucial for a good time. They can give you pointers and bring the women to you but ultimately, you’ll always have to close the deal on your own. 


Including our VIP hosts to your bachelor party in Montreal is our way of making sure you will have the VIP experience you are paying for. All our hosts have love for the nightlife and want you to experience Montreal to the fullest. 

They take great pleasure in having fun with you and will certainly share a drink or two along the way. You’ll be thanking our VIP hosts for everything by the time your weekend is through. 

If you are curious to learn more about our VIP hosts and the services they offer, text us and contact us now.