If you are looking to have an incredible afternoon in Montreal one of the best things you can do is get off land and rent one of our party yachts and boats. Your bachelor will get to enjoy our beautiful weather while cruising around the St. Lawrence river around our great city. 

To make things even better we can fill your boat with all the necessary inventory for survival during your adventure on the high seas. We will stock you up with all the booze and refreshments to keep everyone well hydrated. We will even include some seasickness pills for the gentleman who can’t handle a-rockin’ boat. 


Best of all we can include the sexiest hosts to serve you in addition to including as many strippers as you need to keep your crew company during the voyage. How long will their bikinis stay on? Nobody knows for sure, but one thing is certain no one is drowning with that many boobs around. 

You can listen to the music you like as loud as you like because out on the water there are no pesky neighbors to shut you down. Renting one of our boats or yachts provides your stag party a certain privacy you cannot achieve on the island of Montreal. 


You’ll get an experienced captain who knows his way around and how to fight off your drunk buddies if they try to commit a mutiny. Our captains know the best spots to party and on a Saturday afternoon, don’t be surprised to cross paths with other party boats which can create an even wilder experience partying with rowdy locals. 

Imagine a whole fleet of party boats together blasting music, with bikini clad babes and plenty of booze, it’s like a nightclub but on the water. 


That’s the beauty of renting one of our yachts or boats. You get to decide where and how you want your experience to go. Want a more private and isolated afternoon it will be done, want to hunt down other party animals on the water it will be done. We at take pride in curating your weekend, always considering your needs and wants in mind. 

There might be some of you who might want something a little more G-rated and want to skip the day drinking on a boat, but we can assure you there are other activities that you can do on the water.  

For the more active members in your group you can also do some wakeboarding, waterskiing, and tubing while the rest of the crew sunbathe and recoup preparing for another wild night. 


If you are looking for even more from your boat experience you can also rent them out for your entire weekend sleeping there too, replacing a hotel. It will be a unique bachelor party that I am sure your friends will not be expecting. 

Your boat will be docked at the old port of Montreal giving you easy access to the city and all the hottest spots just the same as any hotel. You can order food or have catering serve you while you are hung over on the boat. 


You can definitely include our Strip House Experience keeping the boat atmosphere in bachelor party mode the whole entire weekend. The options are endless, and we can make it all happen with the push of a button or giving us a call. 

Our luxury yachts and boats can accommodate groups of all sizes but keep in mind we don’t have cruise ships available! We recommend renting boats that can accommodate more guests than the number you have in your group so you can always include a couple of stowaway strippers and ladies who need a place to sleep or party. 

Basically, as long as you respect the capacity rules for the boat you do not have to worry about the party getting stopped by the police. 


So, if you’re looking for a wild daytime activity or someplace unique to stay other than at a hotel, the choice is yours, but one thing is certain, renting one of our boats will be one the smartest moves you can make and never forget.