Many competitors claim to offer VIP services, and many will fail because they do not truly appreciate your business and are always ready to move on to the next client. We have been in the game for so long that we know and appreciate the value every single one of you offers. Together we will make everlasting memories.

Our VIP experiences are like no other and you will feel the difference the first moment you contact us. We take pride in being available to you to discuss with you all the details of your bachelor party. You are treated like VIPs because you are very important people to us. 


When you’re visiting Montreal it will be inevitable that you want to experience one of Montreal’s crazy nightclubs during your stay. You would be a fool not to try them out because our nightlife is unique and the amount of beauty you will witness is unmatched. 


We have worked in the nightlife industry for over a decade and in that time, we have worked with countless clubs, promoters, and owners honing our craft allowing us to become the best booking service in town. We know you want the VIP experience at our clubs and we already give you a head start granting you access to our numerous connections. 


We also take in consideration feedback from our esteemed clients and we listen carefully about your experiences during your stay. Their feedback helps us make informed decisions on what went well and what went wrong. 

Our friendships with clubs are a two-way street of information being exchanged because we share your feedback with them so they can improve themselves which helps everyone involved. 


The goal is to always give you the ultimate experience for your bachelor party at the nightclub. There are multiple hot spots in the city that have multiple hot nightclubs to choose from. We will go over every district we think will interest you, like the Old Port of Montreal, the downtown core and the Mont Royal Plateau areas.


Our VIP experience ensures that a VIP Host is always there to accompany your bachelor party to the club of your choice and will ensure you never wait in line or pay a cover. During the summer our weekends are wild, and our nightclubs can have lineups that wrap around buildings. 

The last thing you want to do at your bachelor party is to be staring at the back of someone’s head in a lineup wasting precious drinking and party time. Your time in Montreal is limited so we know how important it is to get inside the club without any grief.   


Once inside the nightclub our VIP host won’t abandon you but rather, he will lead you to your table, booth or spot at the bar. Before booking your reservation, we will ask you what you are really looking for in the VIP Experience at the club. Choosing where you will be drinking inside the club is just as crucial as choosing the right nightclub to party in. 

If you want a VIP experience you need to have a VIP spot in the club. Sometimes the best spots are the ones that overlook the crowd that give you a bird’s eye view of the madness below. Sometimes it’s a booth right beside the dance floor, so you can try to pick up the dancing queens whenever you want. Some of you might not want a table or booth and want a spot at the bar and yet again we are ready to help with that too. 


Montreal has a ton of beautiful barmaids, but the exceptional ones can combine their great looks with incredible service while having fun with you. We make sure that you get the best spots at the bar with the best barmaid in the club. 

The same applies for your tables or booths, we will make sure you get the best waitresses available who know how to party and won’t be intimidated by a bachelor party. We can even go so far as to make sure the best boys are servicing your table, so everything remains clean and fully stocked at all times.

 In every aspect of where you choose to party, we want it to be a VIP experience in every way. 


A VIP experience at our clubs would mean nothing without including incredible bottle service. For any size of group having bottle service is a must because it just makes things easier, you’ll save money and help get your bachelor party some attention in the club. 

Your bottle service can be pre-paid through us making sure there are no surprises and you know exactly what is waiting for you. If any of the boys want to buy more bottles or drinks, it’s on them and not the entire group who may not need the extra booze. 

We also promise that if our government-run liquor stores have the bottles of liquor you crave to drink, we will ask the club to order it specifically for you, if they don’t already carry it. Everything can be personalized because your happiness is our priority.  


In most dance clubs bottle service is presented like a WWE wrestler coming into the ring. Some clubs will allow you to choose a theme song to be played as a small horde of waitresses carry in your bottles. You can even choose how the bottles are presented which can include huge light boards where you can write personalized messages for everyone to see. 

Other options can be how they will dress up because it is now trendy to have a couple costumes or cool bottle carriers ready for bottle service. There is a catch, you can’t expect a club to put on a parade for a single bottle of cheap champagne. 

Go big and they will go bigger. All eyes will be on your booth or table becoming the center of the party, attracting more action and curious women your way. This is what creates the VIP experience and we make it all happen easily for you. 

In order for us to claim to offer a VIP Experience in our nightclubs we need to take care of you in every possible way. It begins with the planning, continues during your night and ends with your feedback. 


We go out of our way to give you the best prices and the wildest nights because if you’re happy we are happy. This is how our reputation has grown in the industry and why clubs seek us out to help them out with their bookings. Everything that was mentioned in this article also applies to strip clubs, the VIP experience doesn’t have to end at the nightclub. We will make sure you have plenty of daytime activities to choose from and plenty of strippers to invite to your hotels. The VIP experience begins when you land and ends when you leave Montreal. 

Give us a call or send us a text and you’ll be one step closer to living the best VIP experience you can have at your bachelor party in Montreal.