Yachts and Boats

If you are looking to have an incredible afternoon in Montreal one of the best things you can do is get off land and rent our party yachts and boats. Best of all we can include the sexiest hosts to serve you in addition to including as many strippers as you need to keep your crew company during the voyage. How long will their bikinis stay on?

Party Bus and Strippers

Get on the PARTY bus and enjoy the strippers that come with it, traffic sucks but this definitely doesn’t! Your boys will be so excited after they land when they see you rented a party bus to bring them into the Montreal. Our party busses are like mini strip clubs on wheels. Our party bus has all the bachelor party essentials you need like alcohol, music, strippers and dancing poles.  You’ll be begging for heavy Montreal traffic as you enjoy a lap dance minutes into your trip.  The party bus is also available for any daytime and nighttime activities.

Limousine Service

Pull up to the club in a limousine and turn heads, you’ll travel in style and never wait for a cab or Uber. Can and will include strippers as many strippers your crew can handle. Travel in comfort and luxury with our Limousine service that can be available the moment you arrive at Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport or throughout your entire weekend in Montreal. Far better than an uber or cab because you could be in your limo sipping champagne with a stripper on your lap.  Our limousines can come fully stocked with your bachelor parties’ drinks of choice.

Exotic Car Rental

Give the bachelor a joy ride and drive the exotic car your wives will never let you buy! If your bachelor loves exotic cars and fast speeds this is the best option for you. We can arrange the rental of supercars that can be driven on a private track or the streets of Montreal. From Ferrari’s, Lamborghinis to Porsches and Bentleys we have you covered. You can ride in style and be sure to turn heads wherever you go. Go bold and rent a couple cars and have yourselves a nice parade through the city.  They are like strippers but with wheels. You just want to get your hands on them.