It’s not every day you can race a topless stripper in a go-kart, so why spend your afternoon sitting around when you can cure your hangovers with all these fun daytime activities. The great thing about all our daytime activities is you can always include our sexy hostesses to accompany you. You’ll keep the groom and bachelor party fully entertained day and night.



White Water Rafting

Wash out the stripper’s perfume with this wet affair your wife will want to hear about. Montreal can get really hot during the summer so why not cool off with a thrilling day on the St. Lawrence River.  Get wet and wild with or without strippers on a magical boat ride.  We offer the choice between white water rafting through wild rapids or hitting top speeds skimming the river on a jet boat. Both will leave you wet, feeling fresh and most of all exhilarated. Both services are professionally run and safe.  Your hangovers will disappear and hopefully the groom won’t get washed up either.


Throw the bachelor off a plane, tell him it’s like marriage but with a parachute! Experience Montreal from 30,000 feet; not only will you enjoy the view; your bachelor party will have the rush of a lifetime.  Skydiving is a great daytime activity that you can brag about to your wives or girlfriends. Good clean fun unless you shit your pants. You’ll appreciate those drinks and strippers, and life a little more after this activity. 

Prison Escape Room

THE PERFECT WAY TO PRACTICE ESCAPING YOUR MARRIAGE  Picture this, you are at your hotel suite or AirBnB on a Saturday afternoon during your bachelor party in Montreal sipping on some drinks with the whole crew. Everyone is talking about how Friday night was a blast with all those strippers and suddenly there is a knock on the door and behold two hot strippers, I mean cops are standing on the other side of your door with stern looks on their face.  The cops declare “You’re all under arrest!” and the “cops” handcuff and blindfold the bachelor. Like a chain gang you are all led outside to a party bus waiting down outside. During your trip, the cops, I mean strippers, give the crew some wholesome entertainment on the way to jail. It’s a real shame the bachelor will have to suffer not being able to watch and simply listen...


I remember my first time playing paintball at a bachelor party. Not only was it fun, I got to shoot the groom so many times he ended up looking like a Jackson Pollock painting. A bachelor party daytime activity worthy of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. Relive Commando and Rambo playing Paintball for a couple hours. Make teams or have everyone hunt the bachelor, either way you’ll have a blast. There will be bruises but you’ll have great war stories to tell the strippers later. We offer two locations: Indoor courses located about 15 minutes from downtown Montreal, includes the choice of a variety of playing terrains, equipment rental (mask & rifle) and 100 paintballs for ammunition.  Outdoor courses located about 1 hour from downtown Montreal, includes the choice of playing one or both terrains, equipment rental (mask & rifle) and 100 paintballs for ammunition.

Gun Range (AIR)

CHANNEL YOUR INNER JOHN WICK AT ONE OF OUR GUN RANGES AND PROVE WHO IS A WORTHY SHARPSHOOTER “Never bring a knife to a gunfight” are wise words everyone should adhere to. Equally wise advice you should follow is to “Always play with guns during your bachelor party in Montreal”. That’s right, we are encouraging you to shoot some guns at one of our city’s finest air-gun ranges. You can have a fun-filled afternoon with air-gun rifles, air handguns and unlimited pellets for your shooting desires to be fulfilled. Nothing gets the heart beating like shooting some guns and not being punished for it either. The shooting range offers the possibility to shoot from six meters(20ft) and ten meters(33ft) at various targets. You can expect to aim at animal-shaped targets such as bears, rhinos, wolves’ rodents, and different kinds of birds like ducks and geese. If shooting animals isn’t your...


Your sexy caddie knows how to track balls and polish your clubs. Book a bachelor party activity worthy of the PGA and Happy Gilmore. Play some golf with your bachelor party and enjoy one of Montreal’s finest courses.  You’ll forget the hangover once you sink that first putt. Make Tiger woods jealous when you add a sexy topless caddie to accompany you. She doesn’t know what a nine iron is, but she has seen her share of clubs. All you need to do is sink a hole in one.

Go Karting

Being second, is to be the first of the ones who lose.” Ayrton Senna. Montreal’s Formula 1 Grand Prix is renowned for its breathtaking speed and action. Try the next best thing when you strap yourself in your very own high powered go-kart Your bachelor party is about to fly around one of Montreal’s slickest tracks at speeds topping 70kmph(45mph)! Add a couple of topless models and everyone will know who to follow on the track. Go-karting will kick up the adrenaline and intensity as you try not to finish last or behind the girls. Last place pays for the bachelor’s first lap dance. Go for gold go karting at one of Montreal’s slickest tracks.


THE BEERATHLON WHERE EVERYONE WINS, LOSES, AND NO ONE COMPLAINS ABOUT IT We want your Bachelor Party in Montreal to be wild and entertaining for your entire weekend and that includes having crazy afternoons. Our Beerathlon is a lot like a triathlon but without the need to be a super athlete who can swim, run and ride a bicycle for way too many kilometers. No, our Beerathlon requires only the need to compete and if you have a beer belly, consider it an advantage. This activity combines multiple elements that will not only get you nice and tipsy, but you will experience some of Montreal’s finest pubs. At each of the pubs you visit, you’ll play fun organized games where everyone wins, attract attention from others who might join the fun, and hang out with our sexy hostesses or referees too. ANCHOR The Beerathlon will begin once you arrive at...

Beach Club

Ever wonder where strippers go to party during their days off? You can tell the wife you went to the beach and enjoyed the view. We book you at one of Montreal’s hottest beach clubs where bikini’s and thongs grow like wildfire. You’ll enjoy the sun while bumping and grinding with the hottest women in Canada.  Special guest DJ’s are always on deck and food is also available on site.  We can take care of everything from transportation, lineups and bottle service.   Worried about getting sunburns? Add a sexy hostess to your itinerary and she’ll make sure you get plenty of sunscreens rubbed in and keep your drinks from running empty.

Axe Throwing

Your sexy hostess knows a little something about wood, so don’t be an axehole and hit some bullseyes! Axe throwing is a great way to deal with some stiff wood. Help sweat out your hangover with some healthy competition between the boys. A great bachelor party idea to spend your afternoon with a couple of brews and boobs. Add a sexy hostess to your activity and she’ll hold your beers for you as you throw axes at bullseyes to prove who’s the best lumberjack in Montreal.  Transportation can be arranged; we suggest the party bus of course.