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We go to great lengths to ensure your bachelor party will always have access to wildest nightclubs and the hottest strippers you can imagine. We can even bring strippers right to your doorstep. We know, albeit not many of you out there upon coming to Montreal want to experience a different side of Montreal that doesn’t include nudity.  

The cultural side of Montreal does have plenty to offer even if they do not quite fit with the theme of a bachelor party. These activities can fill your afternoon void especially if you think having to play against strippers in beer bong is a terrible idea. If you choose to visit these sites be sure to take plenty of pictures! You can use the pictures as evidence you were well behaved in Montreal, keeping your girlfriend or wife happy. Happy wife happy life. The bigger question is now that the wives will be satisfied, will the rest of boys be happy with this itinerary? 


Montreal is a multi-faceted city that can brag not only about its nightlife but also about its artistic scene. There are a ton of artists in Montreal, so naturally we also have a ton of museums. If looking at paintings of naked women rather than seeing them live and in person is your thing, your afternoon will run just fine. 

With over 40 international museums to choose from you will have plenty of options to satisfy whatever preferences your crew may have.  The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is the most popular and always includes the most sought out exhibits in the city. You can find exhibits ranging from ancient Egyptian mummies to Rembrandt and galleries of expositions on how the human body functions. You will definitely learn something along the way.

You can check out the McCord Museum that holds over 1.5 million artifacts from the fashion and textile world. For Jewish and non-Jewish folk alike, you can visit the Montreal Holocaust Museum, it is not for the faint of heart but maybe you’ll appreciate life a little more after visiting there. If technology is more of your thing check out The Montreal Science Center too.  Your options are endless nerds!


Montreal’s Biodome is located near the base of Montreal’s Olympic Stadium. Constructed for the 76’ Olympics, you can’t miss this phallic eyesore when viewing our city’s skyline. The biodome is basically a zoo where you can experience multiple ecosystems ranging from sub-tropical to artic temperatures.

 If you love penguins, you are in luck because the biodome is home to five different species most notably the King Penguin. The biodome is a great daytime activity for animal lovers or anyone who likes getting stuck behind slow moving tourists. Always a great learning experience and quite frankly a unique experience at that too. You can see sharks, lynx, caiman alligators, birds and so much more. Your bachelor party will feel like a group of kids on a field trip!


When coming to Montreal you gotta have faith that you will be sinning during your bachelor party. Get a holy experience when you visit one of Montreal’s many catholic churches that are found everywhere across the city. It makes you wonder if god is a party animal because Montreal is the city of sin of the north. 

If you decide to visit a church it has to be the Notre Dame Basilica, St. Josephs Oratory of Mount Royal and Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral. Notre Dame basilica and Mary Queen of the World Cathedral are easily accessible, so you can enjoy the beautiful murals and architecture with ease. 

St. Josephs Oratory of Mount Royal is a little more difficult to get to. You can easily see the monstrous church on Mont Royal Mountain but getting up there requires some leg work. You’ll need to scale ninety-nine steps to get to the top and don’t be surprised to see devote Catholics going up on their knees one step at a time. Once on top you can pray for a miracle like actually picking up a sexy Montrealer. 

Deciding to visit some churches will catch your crew off guard and might turn out to be a fun experience. You should send the groom to the confession booth. The priest will appreciate hearing some bachelor party stories and make him wonder if a life of celibacy is worth it.