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Montreal is one of the best cities in the world and you’ll want to bring home souvenirs, so you’ll never forget the incredible experience you had. Unlike a sightseeing vacation, you are visiting for an epic bachelor party, which means you’ll be attending adult related activities. There are definitely things you should not bring back home and we cover that here. There are souvenirs or items though you can bring back that won’t cause an inquisition against you and your whole entire crew. Here is a list of “safe” or must have souvenirs to bring back home.


You might not be able to bring back some weed over the border, but you are allowed to bring some booze back home. You’ll have to declare it at customs, so try not to bring back a case of liquor bottles either unless you want to pay the hefty duty fees you will be obliged to pay. 

Montreal is well known for its beer but there is also local wine and spirits that you must bring back. In any Montreal SAQ (liquor stores) you’ll be able to find Ice Wine. It shouldn’t be surprising that we have wine that reflects our frigid winter climate.

Ice wine is produced using frozen grapes that when fermented does not lose the sugars within the grapes helping to create a sweeter tasting wine. Ice wine is great for having during dessert.

Canada is the world’s largest producer of ice wine and the province of Quebec is home to many vineyards that specialize in this unique craft. Check out these Quebec based ice wine brands: Vignoble du Marathonien, Vignoble Ste Agnes, Vignoble la Mission. 

If you have a real sweet tooth, you should also consider taking home Sortilege which is a Canadian rye whiskey infused with maple syrup. The rye is aged seven years in white oak barrels blended with maple syrup derived from Quebec’s beautiful maple trees.

You will taste the rye that adds a punch while blending in  the sweetness of the maple syrup which will make your drink taste smooth running down your throat. Best served chilled or on ice to have the full Canadian experience. Easily found at any of our local SAQ stores in Montreal.


Montreal has developed a rivalry with New York city that doesn’t involve hockey sticks but rather delicious bagels. Both cities claim to make the best bagels on the planet and in my opinion Montreal wins. Hey, I guess I have a hometown bias, I can’t help it. Before returning back home, hit up one of Montreal’s iconic bagel shops like St. Viateur Bagels or Fairmount Bagels. 

Have yourself a bagel or two and pack up six to bring home. Lucky for you, bagels can cross the border without issues unless customs is feeling hungry. Sadly, you will have to leave the cream cheese behind which cannot cross the border. Your girlfriend won’t be able to question what happened on you trip because her mouth will be stuffed with of our delicious bagels.


Celine Dion might be living it up in Las Vegas, but she will always be Quebec’s favourite performer. She has surpassed rock star status and is considered a legend, so don’t go around bashing her unless you want to piss off her fans. 

You will be able to find plenty of Celine Dion merchandise that you can bring home to your girlfriend. She’ll appreciate you thinking about her, just promise me you won’t sing “My heart will go on” from Titanic.


If you are a fan of the arts, consider taking a look at our indigenous art. Quebec is still home to natives and the indigenous, which means we have access to their unique beautiful art.

If you are worried about having nightmares haunting you over the debacle you created during your bachelor party; pick an indigenous Dream Catcher (Ojibwe) which supposedly will protect you from bad dreams or nightmares. They are beautiful, ornate and can be hung up easily in your bedroom.

You can also find indigenous paintings or presses that will look great hanging on your living room wall. Indigenous cultures have a deep connection with nature which is reflected in all their artwork. 


Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth are terrible imitations of the real deal maple syrup you can find in Montreal. First of all, those American brands contain very little if any real maple syrup in them. They are made up of so much artificial crap it blows my mind how anyone would consider slathering it over their pancakes.  

Our Maple Syrup is the real deal that not only tastes great but also contains actual maple syrup made from real Maple trees! Quebec produces about 70% of the world’s maple syrup.

We know what’s what when it comes to this delicious sweet tasting golden amber. Grab a can or two and your pancakes back home will only taste better, and you won’t forget Montreal either.


I have been told so many times while I was a bartender that our money/currency looks funny. I always laugh because I think American money all looks the same. Bring home some of our currency and you can show off our monopoly colored bills to your buddies.

For every denomination there is a different color, twenty dollars is green, five dollars blue, ten dollars purple, fifty dollars red, one hundred dollars gold. Once you get over the novelty of our money you can put it aside and save it for your next bachelor party in Montreal.


If you absolutely have to take pictures during your bachelor party, make sure they are safe pictures. Forget taking pictures of strippers or barmaids and instead of that focus on pictures with the boys or the environment around you. 

Take pictures of Montreal’s beautiful skyline, Mount Royal Mountain and the old port. Take pictures of your food too, if your Instagram demands it. The point is, take plenty of pictures that won’t get you into serious trouble with the girls back home. Taking photos won’t cost you a thing if you keep them kosher. You’ll be able to remember Montreal and all its beauty with no worries.