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It’s your bachelor party in Montreal and your favorite team is in the NBA playoffs and you can’t miss the big game. Montreal loves sports just like any metropolis and with teams like the Montreal Canadiens nearly every bar in the city has Television, so no one ever misses a game. 

Depending on what time of year you are visiting, Montreal’s bars and sports bars always play the most popular sports available on TV. It can range from watching Wimbledon during brunch or watching the Boston Red Sox in the afternoon while you nurse your hangover. Watching sports with the crew is a great way to bond and build up the testosterone levels getting you psyched for the wild night to come. 

It is even more appealing if there are rivals within the group so you can place bets and see who will be paying for all the lap dances. Better hope Lebron James misses that three-pointer to cover the spread.

It is very easy to find sports bars in and around Montreal. Our dedicated sports bars always have huge flat screens and multiple feeds that cover sports from all around the world. Be forewarned if the Canadiens are playing, that’s all that will be played on any screen in the whole city. Don’t talk trash either about the team unless you want to pick a fight, you can get rowdy but remember you aren’t the home team. 

A good sports bar not only provides the appropriate medium such as TVs and comfortable seating would also need great food. You’ll be able to have amazing chicken wings and pitchers of beer in nearly all the sports bars you can visit. Don’t worry, they will also have plenty of poutine and other finger foods that will leave you thirsty for more beer. 

Our sports bars have a wide variety of draft or bottled beers like Molson, Heineken, Labatt and others on tap. The French Quebecois like to call a chilled glass of beer “buck du biere” so ask for one of those and the barmaid will be impressed you can speak some French. On the topic of barmaids or waitresses, expect to find some hotties serving you at our sports bars because hey nothing beats watching sports while getting served by babes. We have to be honest that in general there will be more guys than girls in sports bars, but that trend is changing. Don’t be surprised if there are some hot local women who have a Habs logo tattooed on their body either.

When you’re planning your bachelor party you should look up what sports events are going on at the time and contact us and we will help book the ideal bar for your crew. Watching sports during a bachelor party is also a great way to slow things down while still feeling like you are not wasting time. You’ll get to experience a wild atmosphere and watch great games. If going to a sports bar seems a little dull, why not play some sports like beer pong, I mean titty pong with our strippers in your hotel room. It is a sport, kind of, and your friends will love watching this too. It might not be the Yankee versus the Red Sox but at least the strippers know how to throw.