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Sadly, your bachelor party weekend has come to a close and you are flying back home with a pounding headache. You and the boys drank and partied all weekend and now your body is showing signs of fatigue. The dreaded hangover is quickly approaching, and you need to detox your body so you can function like a normal human being in society. 

These tips can be used throughout your weekend too, keeping you in the game rather than on the sideline puking your brains out. You look and feel like shit, we get it and we won’t leave alone to deal with it either. We take care of you even after your trip is done with these helpful hints to get you back on your feet. 


If you were still reasonably conscious and smart enough to drink a nice big glass of water before passing out in bed would give you a huge head start. If you don’t, you’ll have some catching up to do! 

Water is the essence of life and without it we would all be dead; remember you can live a lot longer without food compared to without water. Despite the momentary quenching of thirst liquor provides it dehydrates your brain and body. Remember that twenty-minute piss you took at that club? That’s your body saying bye-bye to electrolytes and fluids that keep your body moving. 

You need to drink plenty of H2O to not only replenish what you lost but also to give your body what it needs to cleanse and remove toxins from your body. Drinking water all day will help with the headaches and dizziness too. 

If you can include electrolyte-infused sports drinks in the rehydration process it is also very helpful. Pick your favorite flavors from Gatorade or Powerade and you’ll be on the right path to recovery. You can also find powdered electrolytes at your local drug store or pharmacy. In any case, the key is to keep drinking fluids if you want to kick the hangover aside and detox your abused liver.


All that booze you drank last night had its fair share of sugar in it,  which leaves you vulnerable to a sugar crash the next day. Your blood sugar levels will collapse leaving you feeling like shit. Having a solid breakfast that combines protein and carbohydrates like eggs and whole grain toast will help trigger the internal healing process. 

During your weekend you lost plenty of carbs and having some whole grains will help get those back boosting your fiber and energy levels.  Eggs are important too because they contain a nutrient called cysteine which acts like an antioxidant. Eggs will help your body eliminate those pesky by-products alcohol will leave behind and I’m not talking about the broad who didn’t want to leave your bed. 


This is the hard one especially if you melted into your couch and have zero intention of moving. Going for a walk and if you have the strength, getting some exercise is a dynamite way to recover and detox your body. 

Oxygen is just like water and is crucial to our survival, so it’s quite obvious getting yourself to breathe a little more will help cure your hangover. Your organs, especially your brain and liver need those freshly oxygen-infused blood cells to be delivered ASAP. 

Exercise will help the flow, speeding up the healing process. You’ll burn some of those extra calories too, so you won’t have to worry about getting fat either.  You will suffer but, in the end, you will feel so much better. At worst you’ll take a nap afterwards which leads to my next point.


Getting some solid hours of sleep is crucial to healing the body on a day to day basis, let alone after your drinking binges. Your bachelor party in Montreal will leave you exhausted, and you should listen to your body and get the rest you need. 

You might not be able to sleep in on the Monday after the party, forced to go back to work. We suggest that at lunch just close your eyes for a half an hour, the power nap will help even if you feel a little groggy afterwards. When you get home take a nap if you can. 

The more sleep you can get the better you will feel. While you sleep your body will boost the immune system and allow your liver to break down the alcohol more easily. While your body recovers, you can dream about the strippers you fell in love with.


You woke up and you feel like an elephant slept on top of you, you know Montreal just kicked your ass. Crawl if you have to into the shower and crank it to the coldest temperature you can get. Don’t even try to overthink this. Get your naked ass into the shower and let the cold water work its magic. Don’t freak out and take a deep breath, your heart rate will increase, improving circulation which in turn helps eliminate the toxicity in your body. You might cry but at least the tears will warm up your cheeks. 


If you’re past the nausea stage of your hangover and it is getting closer to lunch or supper, it’s time for some solid proteins to come to the rescue. When you are drinking, Vitamin B is one of the nutrients that sacrifices itself to help the body process all the booze you are ingesting. The following day your body needs that Vitamin B back so you can feel energized once again. Low fat meat or beans are a sure way to help you get those precious nutrients back. Have a nice steak, you deserve it but sadly there won’t be any strippers for dessert.