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Montreal has one of the highest rates of restaurants per capita in North America, which means there are a fuck ton of places you can in eat in our city. As the best man you need to organize more than just a trip to a strip club, you need to keep the boys well fed too.

Yes, there are thousands of restaurants you can choose from but no one in the stag party will want Burger King or eating at that Asian restaurant that looks abandoned to satisfy them. 

You want to book a fine dining experience that will add to the many great memories of your epic bachelor party in Montreal. If you want to experience Montreal’s best culinary experiences take a look at our helpful guide for a couple pointers on where and what to do. If reading isn’t your thing just give us a text by clicking the link on the top of this page and we can get working on your itinerary right away.


Nothing screams out this is a Bachelor party like booking a steak house and adding a couple strippers for dessert. Yes, you read correctly, you can have Steaks and Thighs at the push of a button! 

Montreal has many delicious steak houses that offer amazing cuts of beef accompanied by great atmospheres. Our steakhouses hit all the right notes and before you know it the whole crew will feel energized and ready to drink for the next eight hours of their night. A full belly mixes better with liquor and will help prevent the weaker links in the group from passing out. 

Reserving a steakhouse for one of your meals will rarely create any complaints from your crew unless there is a staunch Vegan who won’t shut up about it. If you truly are a master planner, you’ll give us a shout and take on our Steak and Thighs service. We will book your bachelor party in one of our premium steak houses that offer a private room for your whole crew.

Once the boys are done having their tomahawk steak or porterhouse steak, dessert will be served in its best form yet. The best thing is you can watch this dessert all day and never gain a pound doing it either. Our two beautiful strippers will get the digestive fluids going when your hormones are kicked into high gear watching them lose all their clothing. This is how you eat supper at your bachelor party in Montreal!


It doesn’t matter if you can’t pronounce the name of this ancient Japanese practice because once you see the naked babe lying in front of you, you won’t even care. Nyotaimori is the practice of eating delicious sushi off beautiful naked woman. We bring you to an exclusive sushi restaurant where in a private room you will experience exotic fine dining to its fullest. 

This isn’t an all you can eat sushi joint where the crab definitely isn’t crab. You’ll be eating high quality sushi over multiple courses including dessert and coffee too. Naked sushi combines the need to feed with the need for boobs. There is only one way to expose her most delicious areas is to eat the sushi hiding them. There will be laughter, there will be happy men with filled bellies and their eyes will also have something to feast on too. 


The most practical decision you can make for your supper plans is including a supper club to your itinerary. This idea eliminates travel and allows your bachelor party to get comfortable in one spot without having to run from one venue to the next. At our supper clubs you can eat amazing food over multiple courses while drinking sumptuous wine. 

Once supper is over, the supper club converts your dining room table into bottle service. No need to worry about waiting in a line up or paying cover charges. Everything you need including beautiful women is just a reservation away. 

Women love supper clubs and your bachelor party will love being able to mingle with them before the lights get dimmed and the music gets cranked. Book your supper club experience by texting us and we’ll get you into the hottest restaurants in town.


If you want to eat at the best restaurants in Montreal, you need to be willing to spend a little more money. If you think you can eat like a king with the finest high-quality ingredients for twelve dollars you must think McDonalds is a Michelin star restaurant. The groom to be and the whole crew deserves way better, so don’t be afraid to spend that money on food. 

Having a fine dining experience will not only taste great, you also eliminate the risk of eating crap that can mess with your stomach. No one at your bachelor party wants explosive diarrhea, they want to feel energized and hungry for more.

In Montreal you don’t have to break the bank to have a nice filet mignon either. You are in good hands in Montreal and working with us can arrange bookings that best reflect your budgetary needs.