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Most stoners may have already forgotten about the significance of October 17, 2018 but that was the day marijuana became legalized in Canada. A historic day that meant pot smokers didn’t have to worry about going to jail for getting high! Weed is legal on a federal level but the rules to follow vary according to each province. Even on the island of Montreal each city borough has their own set of rules to follow. 

In Quebec you need to be 21 years old to be able to purchase marijuana. You also need to buy weed at the SQDC which like our liquor stores (SAQ) are run by the provincial Government. You can find la Société Quebecois de Cannabis (SQDC) in two locations in the heart of Montreal. One on St. Catherine Street, the other on St. Hubert boulevard closer to Mont-Royal. 

You are allowed to carry 30 grams of pot on you and you’re allowed to have up to 150 grams in your hotel or AirBnB. That total needs to be shared with whomever else is with you. Five guys in your hotel doesn’t mean holding 750 gram of weed is legal, five guys allow for 30 grams each covering the 150-gram maximum.  Weed is legal but you can always count on governments making it complicated. Quebec is no exception. 

It is considered illegal and you may get a fine for smoking weed in the wrong places. Quebec considers all public spaces like parks, sidewalks and any commercial spaces a no go for your puff, puff, pass. You might be wondering then where the hell can I smoke? In all honesty, you’re supposed to smoke on private property but in general, everyone smokes at parks or out on the street. 

We do not condone any illegal activity, so it is up to you if you want to take that chance of getting high in public. Weed is legal in Quebec but there is always plenty to consider, so make sure to follow up on the rules because they constantly evolve. Nothing is worse than being high and getting a fine for feeling good!