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Montreal has many faces; some are raunchy, and some are classy. In your bachelor party there is bound to be some connoisseur or those who claim to be connoisseurs. The best way to find out who is bullshitting and who really knows the entire history of Tuscan wines is to test their worth.

  Montreal is a connoisseur’s paradise because at any given moment you can be smoking the finest cigars or sipping on impeccable scotches. The foodies in your group will also have plenty of Instagram worthy dishes and even the gamers can experience their favourite digital activities if they so choose to.  Here is our guide for the connoisseur who wants the finer experiences Montreal will offer.


With so many cultures calling Montreal home it is only normal the city boasts a culinary experience like no other. If you want to be able to experience the wide range of cultures in one area, we suggest hitting up some of Montreal’s markets. Atwater market will not only be a feast for your eyes while you peruse the many aisles of fresh produce and amazing game meats. You will be able to eat the freshest dishes with the freshest ingredients in the city.  

You can expect many options for your eating experience from having finger foods to having a seated lunch. At the Atwater market you can find Singaporean, Portuguese, West African, Spanish(paella), Vietnamese, French cuisines and enough desserts to give you diabetes.  The connoisseurs will love it because of the artisanal feel and trust us they will be snapping too many pictures!

 If you are looking for a little more rustic but equally delicious market, check out the Jean Talon Market found near Montreal’s Little Italy. The Jean Talon Market is one of the oldest markets in the city and has maintained its charm throughout the years. You can expect to bump into Montreal’s top chefs who go pick the freshest and tastiest ingredients themselves. We suggest having some oysters sipping on fine wine watching all the healthy chicks buy their vegetables!


At the Old Port of Montreal, you can find many beautiful bars that offer beautiful amber gems you can drink. Scotch is always on a connoisseur’s mind and Montreal has no problem satisfying that need. If desired, we can even set up a private tasting session with real experts who will give you a history lesson and share tips on how to drink them right. This is a more cultured activity for the whole crew especially if the whole bachelor party shares a passion for fine scotches. Which is your favorite? McCallan or Cutty Sark? Glenmorangie or Glenfiddich? We have them all aged perfectly, and they are waiting for you.


Cigar aficionados have nothing to fear visiting Montreal and will have plenty quality cigars to soothe their palates. Montreal has multiple cigar lounges that have the finest in Cuban, Dominican and other Caribbean based cigars. Visiting a cigar lounge also allows the crew to bond a little more in a quiet environment and you can throw in some amazing scotches to sip on too. 

Now if you think visiting a cigar lounge is only fun for a select few in the group, you are wrong. We make visiting a cigar lounge great for everyone involved when we send over a couple sexy strippers and hot hostess to take care of all your bachelor party needs.

 In a private space in the cigar lounge you can get amazing service from our sexy hostess who will keep your glasses filled and cigars well lit. On top of that, adding a couple strippers to perform and give some lap dances will keep the non-smokers more than happy. Nothing is sweeter than smelling like aromatic cigars and strippers’ perfume.


Let’s face it you will be hungover and the demand for coffee will be heard across the hotel or your Air BnB. Your bachelor party in Montreal will need all the help it can get to revive themselves and visiting one of Montreal’s trendy coffee shops is one way to combat the dreaded hangover. For the average guys who don’t give a shit if their latte has nutmeg or pumpkin spice in it, they will simply enjoy any coffee served to them. On the other hand, the connoisseurs will love the artisanal twists their baristas will stir up. 

Don’t mind the hipsters, they are completely harmless even if they do stare at times. You can skip waiting in line at any coffee shop by having our Breakfast of Champions brought to your hotel room directly and of course coffee is included. Instead of looking at a furry hipster who looks like a lumberjack had sex with thrift store, you can have a beautiful stripper serving you breakfast and coffee. One sugar, one cream?