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During the summer nothing beats drinking an ice-cold beer to help cool you off. Montreal is home to major breweries; Molson and Labatt. These historical companies have been getting Quebec and the rest of North America hammered since the 1700’s!

Montreal also hosts the World Festival of Beers every summer in June. You can not only taste Canada’s finest beers, but also get your hands on delicious German brews or unique Japanese Microbrews to name a few. 

We love beer here plain and simple and  if your bachelor party is ready to chug a few you came to the right city. When a city is this passionate about beer there will naturally be a wide amount of different beers to choose from. So, whether you’re watching Montreal Canadiens or sitting back in a  pub, a beer will always hit the right spot. Here is a little history lesson about Canada’s most popular breweries.


Molson brewery can lay claim to being the gold standard brewing in North America. Way back in 1786, John Molson began this iconic brewery who was the first to do so, making Molson the oldest brewery in North America. Molson is also Canada’s second oldest company. 

From their inception until today Molson has not only helped brew fantastic beer, they have also played a major role in developing the city of Montreal. They helped fund the building of Montreal’s General Hospital in 1821, they built a railroad that ran through to New York and created Banks along the way too. 

In 1957 they partnered with the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens and currently owns the team as well. In 1959 Molson introduced Molson Canadian beer, a golden lager that is iconic and tasty and unlike some American beer packs a punch! 

You will always find a Molson Canadian or Molson Dry in clubs, strip joints and restaurants. Molson also merged with Coors years ago; you will find the iconic Coors Light with ease and yes, the mountains are always ice cold. Molson is like royalty in Montreal and you can see their castle(brewery) at the old port of Montreal. 


Nearly one hundred seventy years ago John Kinder helped create Labatt because his passion for brewing would not have him doing anything else. Labatt began in Ontario in 1855, John like the Molson’s knew that building rail roads would be crucial to expanding his business. He helped build railways that connected Toronto, Montreal and the Maritimes. Beer needs to be shared and he helped Canada get its fill. 

Labatt is a constant innovator when it comes to beer products as  they introduced the first twist off caps on refillable bottles. Labatt’s most iconic beer is Labatt Bleu(blue) which was introduced in 1951.  The name was inspired by the CFL fans of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. You can find Labatt and all their related products like Corona, Budweiser and Alexander Keith’s at most clubs and bars in Montreal. 


Now you won’t find many of this brewery’s beers in clubs or strip clubs in Montreal but don’t worry, there are plenty of smaller bars and convenient stores that do. UniBroue is a young company when compared to the big breweries like Molson and Labatt. In 1992 in Chambly Quebec began to grow from having their singular “white” beer to now having over a hundred artisan beers. 

They have also begun to work with music’s metal legends Megadeth, creating personalized beers to the band’s taste. You’ll know you’re having Dave Mustaine’s favorite easily by simply looking at the beautifully labeled “A Tout le Monde” (for everybody). Vic Rattlehead, the band’s mascot, cannot be mistaken for someone else!

Unibroue offers a wide variety of speciality beers offering a wide range of tastes. You can find these Belgian style beers infused with honey, caramelized apples, malt whiskeys, wheat and spices. You will taste the passion of beer making in every sip you take. 

If you are feeling bold, try their “Fin du Monde” (end of the world) beer which was inspired by 16th-centuryth century French explorers who thought what would eventually turn out to be Canada was the end of the world. You have to be bold about drinking this beer because at 9.5% alcohol it can get the head swimming quick. This beer isn’t the golden flavored water you call Miller Light. 

Over the years the number of microbreweries has exploded in Montreal and if your bachelor party wants to go on a pub crawl or simply want to know the best spots to try beer we can help. Add a couple sexy coeds and you’ll have great beer while reliving your college days. Text us now!