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A bachelor party in Montreal can guarantee lots of things. You’ll see plenty of hot women clothed or in the nude. The strippers will give you the best lap dances you ever had. The restaurants are a gastronomical dream.

Our nightclubs will rock your bachelor party until three AM. All these wonderful moments will include the consumption of alcohol, not just one glass but an absurd amount of liquor. This of course provides another Montreal guarantee, the hangover!

You will be hungover on Saturday and Sunday morning, there is no avoiding it. Nothing comes without sacrifice, so all that fun you had the night before will have you suffering the next day. To fight your hangover, we suggest eating some of Montreal’s finest dishes that are sure to alleviate the pain you will be in. 

The beauty of Montreal is that at all hours of the day you can find a local eatery that can provide exactly what you need. Here are some of our favourite suggestions to help you survive the next day.


Hungover or not, you must eat one of Quebec’s staple dishes. Poutines are practically a part of our necessary food groups. French fries, cheese curds and gravy will save your life the following morning. After getting 20 lap dances from Starla the stripper, trust us you’ll be hungry. 

Nearly every location that sells some type of food, you can expect Poutine to be on the menu. Poutines are also readily available after your night club experience at 3am. Montreal knows your hangover will be way easier to deal with when you have poutine rocking you to sleep. To learn more about Poutine click here.

World Class Smoke Meat and World Class Breasts

For many of us getting out of bed is a big hassle especially when we are hungover. You might be craving smoked meat, and you just don’t want to wait in a line up or sit in a steamy deli. We have the solution that will cure your hangover with a delicious twist. Why leave your hotel when you can stay in your hotel room and have all the smoke meat you can handle. You’ll even get some morning wood! 

Check out our World Class Smoke Meat and World Class Breasts service, where we deliver smoke meat right to your door. It won’t be some delivery boy handing off the goods, you’ll have a sexy stripper serving you instead.  It won’t matter if you forgot half your night, you’ll have plenty of delicious memories of your morning.

Breakfast and Brunch resto’s

Montreal is littered with breakfast and brunch restaurants for all the lazy or hungover party goers who can’t cook an egg. You can order monster combo platters of eggs, bacon, beans, toast, pancakes and more. It’s our version of IHop but with more class and tastier food. 

Your hangover will appreciate having a solid breakfast. But why leave your room and go wait outside in the sun with a splitting headache?  Have our “Breakfast of Champions” and avoid any unnecessary pain.  Our breakfast service puts all other brunches to shame when we bring legs and eggs to your hotel room. Our sexy chefs will cook up a storm and serve your sunny side up eggs completely in the nude. Consider your hangover dead!


Like poutine joints, you can also find plenty of middle eastern eateries throughout the city. Just like many poutine restaurants you can also find them open twenty-four hours a day on weekends.

You can get a leg up on the hangover be it at 4am or for lunch by eating some delicious kebabs, shawarma and falafels. You’ll get some carbs and delicious protein that will help soothe your liver. 


Montreal’s bagels are the best in the world! You hear that New York! Montreal’s bagels are one of a kind and taste even better fresh out of the oven. You can find multiple Bagel vendors throughout Montreal, but most will argue the best is St.Viateur Bagels.

Head on over, get some cream cheese and dig in. They will melt in your mouth and all those carbs will soak up the liters of alcohol in your system.  A bagel a day keeps the hangover at bay!