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With fifty percent of marriages falling apart we shouldn’t be surprised with the rising trend of divorce parties. The love of your life, who you thought was a sweetheart turned out to be a real psycho. She drove you through hell for a couple years and is finally out of your life. Even if you got butchered by her lawyers you deserve to celebrate your new freedom. 

It’s kind of like Shawshank Redemption when Andy Dufresne had to crawl through shit filled sewage to become a free man again. Where did he go after that? He went to the beach! He needed to unwind and let loose.

Let us help plan your divorce party! In essence it’s just like a bachelor party with a different name. Instead of celebrating the last night of your life, you are celebrating the beginning of a new one! The divorcee won’t have to worry about getting in trouble if gets that extra lap dance or demands to have more lesbian shows

The whole crew needs an excuse to party and a divorce party definitely fits the bill! The wives might hate the idea but hey they can’t always get what they want either. You can assure them by telling them your recently divorced friend is having a hard time and really needs a night out to help him deal with the heartache. I know it’s a tough sell, but you’ll have figure it out. Besides, nothing cures heartaches like lap dances and bottles of alchohol!

All our packages can easily be used and adapted for your divorce party in Montreal. Text us now and learn more about it. You’ll forget about the ex-wife in no time when you’re having breakfast in bed with a stripper. Hell! You can even send her pictures, if you hate her that much.

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