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It is inevitable during your bachelor party in Montreal that hunger will need to be satisfied. Hunger at a bachelor party comes in a couple forms one being for food, the other for beautiful women. You can satisfy your taste buds and hunger fully when you book our Nyotaimori Naked Sushi service. 


Back in Japan between the 17th and 19th century this age-old culinary practice was born. Samurai’s would be sent out to defend their respective territories from invading hordes. If successful, which means not dying, would make the Samurai have a sudden lust for all that is good in life. Maybe being on the brink of death makes you want to fuck all the women you can get.  

Those lucky Samurai who survived their battles would celebrate their victories at their local Geisha houses. Geishas were Japanese courtesans who sold sex services or entertained guests with erotic dances and other forms of entertainment. One of these forms was Nyotaimori where a geisha would serve as the centerpiece or rather the dish for which sushi to be served on. 

The Geisha is fully nude, and the sushi is strategically place over the body covering erogenous areas. If one wanted to free the nipples one had to eat the sushi that covered them. It is truly a hands-on experience.

Our Nyotaimori Naked Sushi

Our Nyotaimori Naked Sushi lets your bachelor party feel like a bunch of horny samurais! Talk about role play! You don’t have to be returning from battle, your bachelor party can enjoy high-end sushi on a beautiful model prepping them for the strippers to come later. You will be booked in a private room with your private chef creating the freshest and tastiest sushi you can have. 

This is one of those services that combine two needs and satisfies them in one shot. Two birds and one stone. You will eat well while having fun deciding who gets to eat which piece. Make sure the groom gets the best pieces! All our models have experience in performing this practice and will gladly explain what is acceptable or not. This isn’t an all you can eat buffet where you can eat whatever you want, stick to the sushi! 

Your experience will include a two-course meal with dessert and coffee included. The tip is also included but if you feel the need to offer more, that is up to you. The crew will laugh and have their stomachs filled too. You will be ready for the strip clubs and nightclubs afterward and you won’t need a katana either.  A must-have for groups who love exotic flavors without having to leave North America. This samurai salutes you.