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When you’re planning a Montreal bachelor party, you want every detail to be perfect. If you even miss one thing, it could spell disaster for the whole event. We’re not here to scare you, just give you plenty of reason to pay attention, because we have everything you need to create the ultimate Montreal bachelor party experience.

From the guest list to the things you absolutely should avoid, we have the skinny on all aspects of a memorable bachelor party. Before you even announce you’re throwing one or would like a party thrown for you, you want to have these points roughly planned out.

Read ahead to see how you can partake in the ultimate Montreal bachelor party experience and create an evening that no one will forget.

So, Why Montreal? 

We get it. There are many cities around the world that can host a bachelor party, so you may be wondering why Montreal suddenly needs to be at the top of your list. It’s a reasonable question to ask, and we have a few very good answers. Especially if you’re coming from the United States, you’ll want to give the following a quick read-through. We promise, any doubts or concerns you have will be washed away.

Easy to Get to

Just a few hours from JFK, O’Hare or Dallas/Ft. Worth, Montreal provides all the bright city lights your bachelor buddies will crave along with that distinctive Euro-flair but without all the endless, tedious hours of hassle when crossing the big pond.  

The Finest of Everything

A definite world class destination, Montreal also offers fine restaurants and even finer liquor wherever you care to dig in, imbibe and throw your healthy dollars around.  And for you Cigar aficionados there’s always the lovely scent of real, legal Cubans at reasonable prices to entice you to step across that friendly border and enjoy one of the world’s finest smokes!  Just don’t try to bring any back across.  And by that of course we mean- Please do bring some back for us but just don’t get yourself caught!

Relaxed Cannibis Laws

Any other type of dedicated Smokers in your party?

You’ll find Montreal a very open and very accommodating city when it comes to all other types of the 100% natural herbs that refresh the spirit and soothe the soul and your party will have no problems filling their lungs with the sweetness!

Accessible to All

For all you cunning lingual bachelors, you can practice your Francais in Montreal if you so choose but you won’t have to as most of the great cities inhabitants (and all of its nightclubs) will be happy to parlez vous English with any of our non-Canuck friends.

World Class Strip Clubs!

And we don’t just mean the Girls either although you’ll undoubtedly be very pleased with the class of your selections.  Because, unlike some of the less friendly Adult establishments to the South, Montreal is a Full Contact city when it comes to Adult entertainment (did you think we were talking about hockey?) and the Girls are not shy about the contact!  We think you’re going to find the willingness of Montreal’s Adult Entertainers to please the customer (that means You) quite a significant upgrade for your bachelor party guests and we know that they will definitely enjoy the more mature and much more accommodating attitude of these lovely Montreal lasses.

What NOT to Do on a Montreal Bachelor Party

Everyone spends so much time worrying about what they should do during a bachelor party, but that’s actually the easiest thing to figure out. Instead, let’s focus on the things people often get wrong, resulting in a bachelor party that fizzles out before it has a chance to heat up.

When planning a bachelor party – no matter where it is – you want to keep this things to avoid in mind:

Not Getting Bottle Service or Table Service

Bottle service is the way to go because you will have your own alcohol to share between your party-members. You’ll also want an extra supply for the sexy ladies you end up chatting with. Without bottle service, every time you finish your drink, you will need to make your way through the crowd to the bar and struggle for 10 minutes just to catch the attention of the bartender – who always favors the girls first! It’s a huge pain and a massive drain on your evening! Bottle service will always make for a more relaxed and enjoyable affair without the stresses of wondering when and where your next drink is coming from.. 

Not Having all your Reservations Secured

Imagine the disappointment of heading out to one of the hottest new restaurants in Montreal, looking forward to enjoying a great meal, only to find out that they are fully booked! Don’t let this happen to your best mate on his bachelor party! Make sure that you book all of your reservations in advance so that there are no disappointments. Even if you’re looking at dining in a casual eatery, always plan ahead. Montreal can be a very busy city and you never know when a rush is going to take up all the sating.

Not Getting a Daily Dose of Adult Entertainment

Let’s face it, bachelor parties and adult entertainment go hand-in-hand. It’s supposed to be a night for the groom to go wild with his best buds before he settles into the domestic routine of marriage. If there isn’t at least one visit to a sexy Montreal strip club on the agenda, you are doing it wrong. 

Luckily, there are a lot of great strip clubs in Montreal with a fun atmosphere and gorgeous women. Make sure you treat the guest of honour to a lap dance from the hottest girl and ensure he’s never without a drink in hand. Oh, and his fiancé doesn’t need to know all of the details! Either delete the pictures or hide them somewhere safe.

Wait in Lines

Nothing is worse than standing out in the cold waiting in a line for two hours just to get in a nightclub! You want to spend your night drinking cocktails and watching gorgeous strippers dance – not shivering on the sidewalk. 

Always make sure that you have VIP status, so that you can waltz right past everyone waiting in line and go straight into the club. It’s the ultimate experience and will make everyone in your party look and feel like a rock star.  

Who to Invite To Your Montreal Bachelor Party

Here’s the deal. A good bachelor party is going to include a small group of friends enjoying a night on the town. A great bachelor party will be a literal “who’s who” of the groom-to-be’s best buds, thrill-seeking family members, and the most outgoing people you know. The crowd you roll with can make or break an evening, so we’ve broken down this list of the most important attendees. 

Pay close attention. Inviting the wrong person can be a disastrous decision that tanks the party and leaves the bachelor wishing he had stayed in.

The Groom’s Closest Brothers and Cousins

Unless there has been some terrible family drama that gives you good reason not want to hang out with your relatives, it is generally expected that the groom’s brothers and cousins will be invited to the bachelor party. Of course, in the event that the groom has an enormous extended family and 52 cousins, you should invite the ones that he is closest to and sees the most often. 

Should you invite the brothers of the bride? If you get along with them and they are part of the wedding party – yes, you should. Otherwise, it could be considered as rude. However, if they’re known for taking the brides side and may wind up being the snitch of the group, it may be best to come up with a very good reason not to bring them along.

The Groom’s True and Blue Best Friends

If you are the best man, one of these friends is probably you. There are also probably some other mates who have been through thick and thin with the groom–to–be and have a close bond with him. These are the friends who will make the evening meaningful, because they are likely to still be around to talk about it years later. 

These friends are going to be the ones that encourage the nefarious behavior that makes a bachelor party memorable. Without them, the groom has no chance of getting into a little bit of trouble and doing things his fiance would definitely not approve of. 

Your Most Social and Outgoing Friend(s)

Let’s face it, some guys are better at initiating conversation with random strangers than others. Unless you want your bachelor party to consist of sitting in a corner and drinking by yourselves, you should invite your social and outgoing buddies. They will be able to break the ice with the many gorgeous ladies in the club and invite them back to your table for some drinks – creating a fun and welcoming social situation. 

Most of all, invite the people to the party whom the groom-to-be likes and enjoys spending time with. Inviting the acquaintances that he doesn’t getting along with or the people that you like but he doesn’t really know is somewhat missing the point. 

Also, be wary when inviting the bride’s father. It’s a nice gesture and you might want to invite him for the steak dinner, but make sure that he has gone home to bed before you hit the strip clubs – or the debauchery might cause the wrong impression about the man who is marrying his little girl! 

How to Pay for This Shindig

Unfortunately, no matter what kind of bachelor party you plan on throwing, there is a monetary concern that comes with it. How do you plan this extravagant event and find a way to finance it? Well, you can put your thinking cap down, because we’re here with a few ideas.

Rather than struggle to pay for the entire event or putting it all on a credit card, consider the following helpful options for financing the bachelor party.

Network, Network, NETWORK!

Burn up that smart device in your hand and get your guests involved.  This is one instance where social media skills will come in infinitely handy.  Great deals are out there and your network hookups can conveniently (and instantly) turn you on to the best bargains on great venues, food, drink, travel and entertainment.  This is one cyber search that won’t let you down!

Don’t Just Think Big, Think VOLUME!

Whether contacting caterers, planners, airlines, auto rentals or salesmen of all stripes remember that you’ve got the commodity that they want- SIZE!  Remind them that your bachelor party plan includes a number of guests (a little creative math may come in handy here) and subsequently their payment will be a pile of the green stuff they covet.  Volume equals volume DISCOUNTS (should be more than 20%), so don’t take no for an answer.

Money Upfront Makes Everything Smoother

Look, we’re not suggesting you chase your party guests around like a loan shark, but preemptive collection of all party fees from your fiscally responsible (and even irresponsible) guests will make your task easier.  Prompt collection will provide you the bottom line goals you need as well as the real world leverage that will come with your cash-in-hand authority when dealing with vendors.

Freebies Are Your Friends

 Another hidden advantage of these tough economic times is that when it comes to recreational spending (like booze and strippers)- IT’S A BUYERS MARKET!  Always ask for freebies with any volume deal and you will be surprised by the number of cool goodies you can shake out of even the most tight fisted vendor.  And who doesn’t want an extra case of the taste thrown in for free?  

Home Bachelor Parties Are Memorable, Too

It’s the 21st century and there is absolutely no shame in planning and then pulling off your bachelor free-for-all at home.  Food can be catered, beverage supplies delivered, bar service hired and entertainment can be extra fun for the Groom (and the Guests) in the comfort of familiar surroundings!  There’s nothing wrong with saving prohibitive fees to instead add to the pile of home grown madness and it definitely won’t hinder your guests from indulging to their…hearts content!

It’s Time to Party!

With all of this information reviewed and embedded in your head, you’re ready to get out there and start planning the best bachelor party ever to hit the streets of Montreal!