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For the sake of yourself and the crew the moment you find out a bachelor party is happening, begin to work on your budget. It’s like starting up a business, you need to gather as much info as possible. Talk to the groom to be and get a feel of how many people he expects to come. From there you can begin to make projections of what you can do and for how many people. 

You have Montreal in your sights, so do some research about flight and accommodation costs. The key is getting started on planning and booking right away and not waiting until the last minute to get shit done. Your friends will appreciate knowing months in advance how much money they need to save up.

It is easier to put a little money aside every week than to get slapped with a huge bill and make a huge payment all at once. If you aren’t certain about how much the weekend will cost, I suggest giving the crew a slightly inflated ballpark figure. If the cost of weekend is less than expected you’ll look like a master planner who is fiscally responsible. 


When it comes to planning how much money is needed you will be tempted to ask those invited for advice. How many will you ask for their input? Asking one or two guys is way better than asking the whole crew. Last thing you want is to get advice from the guy with crocodile arms that never seems to reach his wallet when he is out on the town. 

You want a fun bachelor party in Montreal that doesn’t take place in a dollar store. Treating yourselves with goodies doesn’t mean you have to get a loan from the world bank either. Understand the group you are budgeting for and be reasonable about it. 

In the end it is important you take full control, getting advice is good but remember you are in charge. I know it’s stressful to decide the activities for a whole weekend but relax, it’s Montreal. Your bachelor party will be in good hands because our city offers a ton of activities for all budgets. 

Remember, avoid creating a voting system for each activity, democracy will complicate things or even worse divide the group from the get-go. Present your plan and lay down the ultimatum! Are you in or are you out?


If a stripper dropped her dildo in your toilet and you can’t flush it without a flood happening. Would you call a carpenter to fix it? If the lights in your living room kept flickering would you call an exterminator to get them working? Hell no! You’d call a plumber or an electrician to get the work done properly and professionally. That is why you need our help, we are the professionals that will not only plan your entire weekend, we will help you with your budget too. 

We have planned so many events at varying costs we know how to cater to your unique needs. We will make sure every dollar spent is maximised to benefit the whole crew. Your bachelor party in Montreal gets way easier when you allow the pros like us to get involved. We will find you the best prices available, we will not gouge you for an extra dollar either. Happy customers mean repeat business, that’s why we make your needs our own.


Once you have worked with us and your budget is set, you need to get paid upfront or at the least collect a large deposit. Try and collect as much money as possible from each participating member of the bachelor party. The exchange of money is an act of commitment and collecting up front helps limit any members backing out. You don’t have to be an asshole with the guys who can’t pay right away either. Respect their circumstances while setting some hard deadlines for them to respect and follow.

It is very risky to head into Montreal without having the whole trip paid (excluding personal expenses like lap dances etc.). You don’t want to be the guy who has to pay for his buddy who months later is still giving you the run around because he didn’t have enough fun at the party. 

Do not offer to show your buddies what each activity costs unless they ask. When you show what activities cost without them experiencing the activity will allow them to question paying for it. They might say “man that lesbian show at the cigar lounge costs 400$, maybe we should skip it.” He’ll share the info on pricing with the others and the next thing you know your phone is blowing up with complaints. If you hold back that information, the scenario will play out differently instead of complaining about it, they will experience the lesbian show and say afterward “it only cost 400$ for all that?! Fucking amazing man!” People freak out when they see things on paper, so be careful sharing the receipts too soon.