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Montreal’s nightlife for good reason garners plenty of attention but that doesn’t mean the city doesn’t offer plenty of day drinking activities to keep you on your toes. It’s your bachelor party and you are sure you will be hitting the hottest nightclubs and strip clubs throughout your nights leaving your afternoon plans with a big fat question mark. The question being “what can we do in the afternoon in Montreal?”.

For many, going go-karting, ax-throwing, playing paintball, or even playing golf doesn’t quite make their short list of preferred activities. Some bachelor parties just want to keep drinking the whole weekend and who are we to judge or stop them. No, on the other hand, we will help you with your day drinking dreams because we take care of you all weekend long.

Day drinking during the summer usually never fails and yes, there will be women and plenty of them. Just keep in mind, Montreal during winter isn’t as active especially during the day. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of bars open all day long during our frigid winter, but they won’t have that summer vibe that is contagious. To help you along here is a quick blog on what to expect day drinking in Montreal.


After a long arduous winter fighting the cold elements of the northern hemisphere, Montreal defrosts and loses all the extra layers of clothing we had to wear. It is a common sight in late spring to see small construction crews working in front of bars and restaurants assembling outdoor terraces or patio bars. Just as quickly as they are constructed, they are easily filled with excited patrons who wish to drink and feel the warm summer air on their cheeks. The ladies wear skirts and heels again and Montreal’s heartbeat begins to race once again.

Day drinking in Montreal is basically encouraged as a way to get all the Vitamin D and vodka in you at the same time. Your bachelor party will feel no different than the locals, so getting your umm vitamins is an absolute must. Bringing the crew to a terrace in the heart of the old port throws you right into the action. The Old Port of Montreal is our reminder of how things were a long time ago, the cobblestone roads and old facades that will make you think of old European cities as you pound down a fresh cold beer.

You can find terraces everywhere in the city, but we suggest sticking to the core of the city. Stick to areas like the Old Port de Montreal, the Plateau du Mont Royal, Downtown and little further out the growing St-Henri district. Booking with us is also key because most terraces do not take reservations and operate on a first come first serve basis.

We will ensure that you have tables reserved on the trendiest terraces and that bottle service will be waiting for you. You do not want to get caught wandering from patio bar to patio bar getting refused seating because there is no more space for you. We take care of you, period.

Your bachelor party can usually eat depending on the establishment you choose. Day drinking on our terraces can be an afternoon activity that your crew will love and will probably have to take a nap afterwards because of it to recover. No one ever just has one drink, especially during a bachelor party. If you are worried that this activity will mess with your nightlife experience, you need not to worry because we will plan the rest of day accordingly, giving ample time for the boys to recover for their nighttime adventures.


Maybe you are one of those lucky guys that actually picked up a stripper, you got her number and now you’re drinking with her during the afternoon in your hotel room. Who is better than you? No one really, but unfortunately that scenario rarely happens like that. Fortunately for you and the whole bachelor party you can all enjoy the company of our beautiful strippers while drinking to your heart’s content.

You can book our Strip House Experience at any time of the day, which can include a number of activities that are sure to tickle your bone. At your hotel or AirBnB we can offer you’re very own private lesbian show with as many strippers as you can afford. You can also play poker against your buds and have a lovely topless dealer dealing your cards while a nude hostess pours your drinks. Day drinking is starting to look better than drinking at night doesn’t it? We also offer Titty Pong where you can play beer pong against our top nude babes who handle balls like no other.

We can even bring you lunch/breakfast that can include Montreal’s amazing smoke meat or have a stripper whip up some eggs and bacon. Yes, they know how to cook, and yes, they hate wearing clothing while they cook too. The Strip House Experience helps maximize the value of your hotel or rental space by converting into your own private strip club. An amazing idea especially if the weather outside is a little grey and wet.

Your crew will not be complaining about being “stuck” in the hotel suite all day because it will still feel like bachelor party activities are still rolling, besides who has time to complain with a stripper on their lap. Day drinking with strippers is always a possibility in Montreal and you’re just a text message away from making it happen.


If your bachelor party suffers from collective attention deficit disorder and constantly needs to be on the move; going on a pub crawl to day drink is the right kind of medication you will need. Montreal is littered with numerous pubs and bars that are conveniently close to each other allowing the perfect opportunity for a pub crawl on foot.

You can in one moment experience a wild Irish pub hammering scotches down and in the next to be in a French-style bar sipping on a martini. Everything is possible including the addition of Co-Ed party girls who can accompany you on your day drinking activities. Our sexy co-eds will make sure your boys are well taken care of and will be the life of the party.

If you are afraid, they will scare the local women away you are dead wrong! Our sexy co-eds are the best wingmen and they will go out of their way to talk to other women and bring them over to you. Before you know it, your bachelor party will be a huge group of horny men and excited women jumping from pub to pub or bar to bar. You will feel like you are in college again but with way more money and confidence. Going on a pub-crawl is a great way to visit Montreal and keep the bachelor party theme going in full swing.