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The sun is shining in beautiful downtown Montreal and your bachelor party is itching for an activity to do. You can’t go clubbing and strip clubs suck during the afternoon, so what can you possibly do? 

Montreal’s nightlife is exceptional and for good reason your stag party will exploit it to the fullest. Yet there are more activities you can include during your stay in Montreal. You don’t want your crew getting bored or anxious. Here are some suggestions to keep the party going all day.

STRIP HOUSE EXPERIENCE, the best daytime activity

You don’t have to twiddle your thumbs all afternoon and dream about the strippers you’ll see later on during the night. Luck for you, our strip house experience is also available during the day. You can have hot strippers come over to your hotel or AirBnB.

It’s a bachelor party weekend so why not have tits and ass surround you all day and night. We offer fun activities like Titty Pong or Jell-O Wrestling. If that is too much activity and you just want to layback, book one of our lesbian shows.

Our Strip House Experience can be customized to fit your daytime needs. Nothing will kick start your day and keep everyone engaged like a pair of legs or huge breasts. Ideal for those who want to maximize their hotel or AirBnB expenses. 

Go Karting/ Paintball

If your team is feeling competitive or you feel like shooting the groom because he told you to bet against Tom Brady; You should book our go-karting or paintball activities

You can race each at high speeds on unique tracks while placing bets amongst yourselves on who will win or lose. To spice it up you can even include a topless stripper who knows how to drive better than you. Try not to stare too long at her rack because you’ll end up in the tires! 

Sometimes there can be some tension within bachelor parties and paintball can help alleviate that stress. Shooting your friends will feel so good especially if they cock blocked you the night before. If you’re feeling cruel you can even have everyone hunt the groom. He will have some bruising but that’s the price you pay for getting married. 

Both of these daytime activities will get the blood flowing and your hangovers will get sweated out. 


Montreal’s pubs and bars are the perfect places to hang out on a Saturday afternoon. With our Coed Pub-crawl you can relive your college days when our sexy babes’ hangout with you. You can visit as many pubs as you wish. You’ll eat well and have our girls encouraging you the whole way. Can you keep up with them? Experience a different side of Montreal enjoying a great beer and meeting a different set of locals. The day drinkers!


In all likelihood you will be sleeping in and by the time you wake up and get moving it will be time for supper. Bachelor parties in Montreal require recovery time and by no means should you feel obliged to seize the day. You know most of the madness takes place at night and you’ll need all the energy you can get. So, relax, sleep in or take a nap. Give your liver a fighting chance! Forget sightseeing, forget booking ten daytime activities because you’ll have plenty to do all night.

Bachelor Party to the Extreme

Tired of pub crawls? Sick of paintballs? Bored with bowling?  

Is your stag crew chock full of high-octane, thrill-seeking, no guts, no glory type of Alphas who are always looking for their next adrenaline fix?  Then maybe it’s time to make that bachelor party into an extreme stag sports weekend!

For a bachelor party worthy of the “extreme” label, we strongly suggest you make it a weekend filled with not just one balls-to-the-walls activity but instead a 3-day extravaganza of extreme, wild events.  Yes, this is going to require a bit of extra planning and coordination but it will also give everyone a chance to test themselves as they get the blood pumping during the day so they can also be juiced up for the after-hours, adult activities as well!  

The River Wild

White water rafting is not just a raw, invigorating group activity for your weekend in the great outdoors. It also demands some crucial teamwork that will really facilitates bachelor bonding. Work together down the speeding rapids and you’ll feel the bond grow along the way. When you’re back on solid ground, you’ll be a closer, adrenaline-fueled group ready for the next exhilarating experience.   

The Sky is the Limit

Squeeze some sky diving into your weekend and you’ll be sure to make the party unforgettable!  If you have novice jumpers in your posse then make sure that they take an extended pre-jump course that will allow them to go solo even on their first time.  Everybody goes out the door alone and comes back together on the ground. This is an activity if you’re looking for stories to tell and to get your adrenaline pumping.


Shoot-‘em-Up Time

Nothing releases the tension or sharpens the senses like letting rip with a fully auto AK. Well, unless maybe you’re chopping down trees with a thousand or so rounds of a spinning, smoking mini-gun. Why not go Old School, Dillinger-style, and try a Thompson’s sub?  A few hours spent at any generously stocked gun range in the company of a collection of fully automatic weapons and all the ammo you can afford can really put your posse in the party mood. Every shot fired is a spark of excitement sure to thrill every member of the party. Up the stakes and see who can get the most headshots! Loser buys a round of lapdances for everyone.

Put the Pedal to the Metal

There’s nothing like a weekend spent whipping around a banked track trying to keep all four wheels on the ground to get the motors revving! This one may be a tad pricey but the delirious grins on even novice driver’s faces after their first date with a high-performance engine will be well worth it.  Jump behind the wheel of a speed demon and tear up the track for a sense of what it’s like to cross the checkered flag. Gentlemen, start your engines!

Bungee Boogie

Easy, affordable and guaranteed to get everyone’s heart pumping, bungee jumping can always be fit into any weekend itinerary with minimum effort and scheduling. Imagine the excitement of sky diving without the fear of a parachute not opening. That’s bungee jumping. You’re not going to regret strapping in for this death-defying jump. Bounce back to the bachelor party with your need for excitement filled.

An Upscale Bachelor Party

Everyone thinks a bachelor party has to be this raunchy evening of hyper-sexualized or adrenaline-pumping entertainment. However, it really is up to what the groom is comfortable with. Maybe you’re catering to someone that’s used to the upscale lifestyle and would appreciate something a bit classier.

If that’s the case, you definitely want to plan the bachelor event around the groom’s tastes. Never force something that may make them uncomfortable. Take some of the following ideas and use them to create an upscale weekend to remember.

Tee Up Some Shots

Throw away the hectic hustle and mad rush of your guest’s average golf outing and turn this bachelor fest into a weekend of leisurely rounds at the Groom’s favorite links.  Contact that resort now and set up a weekend of competitive fun amid the natural beauty of rolling hills with the 19th Hole waiting for your party at the end of every round. Most golf courses and country clubs also have a restaurant on-site where you’re sure to enjoy finger sandwiches and other fine fair.

Hit the Slopes  

Vail? Whistler? They’re waiting for you and your crew. If your group loves the powder, than why not make it a weekend of pristine mountain majesty with 5-Star Hotel service or even the luxury of your own private chalet.  You’ll be ready for great nights after great days on the snowy mountains! Have a few party-goers not accustomed to the slopes? Be sure to have lessons booked for them so they, too, can enjoy the downhill entertainment.

Get Your Passports Stamped

Go international and get a taste of any world you want coupled with the sweet flavor of luxury.  We like Cabo for the fishing but the Old World does it with a touch of Euro-Class as well. The hardest part of planning a destination bachelor party is deciding on the location, especially with so many opulent cities scattered around the globe. Wherever you land, be sure to at least know a little bit of the language, understand the exchange rates, and have a few upscale experiences booked. The last thing you want is for the trip to fall apart just because you weren’t prepared.

Whether it’s world capitols or private islands, travel is the thing and is sure to please any bachelor looking for stellar accommodations.

Drop Your Lines  

And we mean fishing lines! There are few things more relaxing than a day on the open water. Crack open a few beers, enjoy sharing some stories of the past, and talk about the future while trying to score the catch of the day.

We do like Cabo (and not only for the fishing) but breathtaking locations with lively action are abound everywhere you look. So long as there is an expansive body of water nearby, you should have access to fishing charter options. Additionally, any proper resort should offer private villas with full service (butler, maids) included, and don’t forget dinner service for the day’s catch!

Viva Las Vegas

Don’t count out Vegas as crass just yet. Five-star hotels with 5-Star restaurants and high-end lounges are plentiful and Vegas does understand how to treat their upscale guests. Opulent accommodations are aplenty and it’s very easy to find a limousine service from one venue to the next.

You don’t even have to just focus on the nightlife in Vegas, either. There is plenty that unfolds during the day to cater to the ritzy gentleman, from rounds of golf to lounging on a boat in the middle of Lake Mead. Day clubs offer the same lavish lifestyle as the city’s nighttime venues, but with access to refreshing pools.

Vegas is an all-day-affair kind of city, with something for everyone available morning to night. Privacy, service, luxury, and everything your party might require to enjoy the bachelor event is their business and business is good.

Remember, It’s the Groom’s Occasion

Though you may be the type that loves the thrills of a helicopter tour or could stand to jump out of a plane a few times, you have to keep the groom in mind. No matter the consensus, if the groom is the type that loves lounging, enjoying a frosty beverage, then that’s what should be on the docket. 

If you’re one planning the bachelor party, than chances are you know the groom best. Keep to his favorite activities, and this will surely be an evening he’ll remember and talk about for years to come.