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We know you are nervous about the dress code and you don’t want to be an odd man out because you decided to wear flip flops and jean shorts to the nightclub. Doormen will tell you firsthand that most infringements at the door are because clients are underdressed. They have seen plenty of knuckleheads in joggers begging to get in the club. Yet there is a problem that won’t stop you from getting in the club. 

There is a tendency at times to overcompensate to play it “safe” when it comes to dress code. The doorman will likely give you a weird smile as he lets through the doors; but let me tell you, you are standing out for all the wrong reasons. 

First of all, when you try too hard everybody will know it. It’s like a weird smell and everyone’s nose cringes when you walk by them. Problem is, if you don’t smell, you just look like an old uncle who lost his way. So please, we are begging you, take it easy with the three-piece suits or suits you would wear to a funeral. It’s a bachelor party and the groom’s life isn’t over until the wedding ring slips onto his finger.

Lighten up and go a little more casual. Forget the bow tie or tie and unbutton your collar. You don’t want other party goers confusing you for the bouncers or washroom attendants. You also don’t want the ladies to think you’re a bunch of stiffs either. Wear a nice pair of jeans paired with a clean sports jacket and simple chemise. You’ll look more inviting and have the party vibe look.   Besides, relax, you are not facing a jury of your peers, you’re here to drink at a party. 

You can look good without looking like a penguin so please save the suit for the wedding.