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Montreal can be a winter wonderland if you plan and prepare properly for your stay. The weather can get extreme north of the border and expect sub-zero temperatures cold enough to freeze your nose hairs. Whatever you do, don’t try to stick your tongue on a light post, you’ll be there for a while. 

Montreal slows down in winter because of all the snow and the huge effort by the city to clear our streets. Us locals always laugh at and can easily spot tourists because they are the dumbasses running around our city without a jacket or with open toe heels on. What you wear is very crucial in surviving our winters.

Montreal is still a party city during this season because nothing keeps you hot like drinking some vodka and grinding with beautiful women in the club. Here is a quick guide on what to wear to avoid frostbite and looking like a total moron.


We know there are cheap ass bastards out there who refuse to pay coat check, leaving their jackets at their hotel. They are the first to complain about waiting in lineups as they slowly become snowmen. Wear a freaking winter jacket and spend that 2$ for coat check, your body will appreciate it. 

If you are not sure what kind of winter jacket to wear, Montreal is always well stocked with plenty of options. We suggest getting a winter jacket that is waterproof and can withstand freezing temperatures well below zero. You don’t have to worry about looking like a skier from the 80s because there are plenty of stylish coats that keep you looking sharp. Check out Columbia, Northface, Rudsak, and Canada Goose brands for top notch gear that will get the job done.


Nothing is worse than having cold wet feet at the nightclub. You won’t be comfortable, and you just might lose one of your toes if you aren’t careful hanging around outside. Montreal’s frigid temperatures also bring along a ton of snow. There will be snowbanks and slushy roads to deal with in warmer weather. Both spell disaster for your feet if you are wearing runners or heels. 

Working the door, we have seen so many tourists slip and slide their way on the streets that it would make the hardest man laugh. Get your winter boots on! There is no need to wear huge construction-style boots to survive Montreal’s snowy sidewalks. There are plenty of boots that are stylish and dark so they can blend in with whatever you are wearing. Your feet will be warm and hypothermia will be a non-factor. If by chance you need to buy boots while in Montreal check out Rubino or Browns which are shoe stores easily found in the downtown core of the city. 


Exposed skin during our winters is a dangerous matter. Wearing a hat or tuque like we call them helps keep that precious heat in. Your extremities, like your toes and fingers need protection too. If you are worried about messing up your hair don’t fret, earmuffs are the key. Take it from a bartender who didn’t feel like fixing his hair at work, earmuffs work. They keep your ears from falling off and if you’re not bald your hair will work just fine in keeping you warm enough until you arrive at your destination. Gloves are no brainer and fit easily in your coat pockets. Fingers are the first body parts to suffer from frostbite so keep’em covered up. If you want to be stylish try some leather gloves. 


You just left the club and the liquor has you feeling invincible, nothing can stop you, not even the blizzard you are walking through. Liquid courage makes people do a lot of stupid things. Deciding to take a long walk during the heart of winter and not wearing the right gear is a recipe to get sick or seriously hurt. Slipping on some black ice and cracking your head will not be an experience you want to have at your Bachelor party in Montreal. Take a cab will ya! Get indoors as fast as possible and stay warm by making out with the horny chick you brought back to your hotel.