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When you’re knocked out on the plane ride back home you want to be dreaming about the killer weekend you just experienced. If you want your bachelor party in Montreal to be an epic one,you need help from the experts! 

Throwing a bachelor party might seem easy enough and you might be thinking we’ll just go to the strip club. It’s what everyone does. Well if that’s your mentality, your bachelor party will always be an ordinary one.


We want to hear all your crazy ideas and chances are, we already have tried them. Montreal has set the bar high when it comes to crazy weekend disasters. If you want to come close to clearing that bar you need to have the following at your bachelor party.


Homer, the wisest character of them all in The Simpsons told his daughter Lisa “You don’t win friends with salad” and let me tell you “you don’t pick up chicks with water”. Your bachelor party is about letting loose and unwinding from whatever job you drudge through to make it to the weekend. If you plan on not making alcohol a major component in your plans, you are setting yourself up to fail. 

Getting Bottle service wherever you end up, be it the strip or night club will help you pick up chicks and save money. 

Waiting for drinks at the bar is a real buzz kill especially at the kind of clubs we bring you to. You’ll be waiting a while and it will feel like you’re on the stock market floor trying to sell some stocks. It will be hectic! Bottle service eliminates this struggle because your crew will have a spot all to themselves and your bottles will always be handy. When you  spot that sexy babe crossing your table, you just have to reach over and get the shots ready.

Bottle service will also elevate your status when the ladies watch the long parade of bottles arriving at your table. They will wonder who you are and will naturally gravitate towards your table.

 Bottle service will get everyone nice and toasty; the women will join you and you’ll save a couple bucks along the way!


The Strip House Experience takes the tradition of having a stripper coming over to your hotel room and giving a quick show and putting the idea on steroids. First of all, your hotel suite or Air BnB are the perfect spots to convert into your own private strip club. No bouncers to fear or overpriced drinks to consider. You can set up your own bottle service at a quarter of the price which means you could spend more on the incoming entertainment. 

We offer the classic in-room strip shows and you can even have the hottest lesbian shows on earth, yet there is more. You can play Beer Pong with topless strippers who know how to sink balls. If you are feeling crazy, why not go for the SJW package where strippers wrestle themselves and the groom in a giant pool filled with Jell-O. Don’t worry Bill Crosby won’t spike the mix so the girls won’t be passing out any time soon. 

Our Strip House experiences are not time sensitive and you can have these services delivered at any time of the day. For lunch you could be served Montreal’s world famous smoke meat by our topless wonders. Our Strip House experience will leave the bachelor party wondering what madness is coming next. The moment you have this service included you guarantee your bachelor party to be an epic one.


We offer a bunch of daytime activities that help make your afternoons entertaining and get the bachelor party back on its feet. Adding a sexy hostess to join the party will make go-karting and ax-throwing even more fun. I’m sure you never raced a topless stripper or witnessed how breasts can make ax-throwing even better. Your bachelor party should offer you new bare experiences that you’ll love reminiscing about when you’re old and gray. 

Sexy hostesses can also be available to assist in your strip house experience. Our hostess will dress up and transform into sexy waitresses who will make sure your drinks are always filled. If you are smart, you’ll get one or two hostesses for the night club too. They’ll help keep the shy guys company and you can send them out on the hunt to bring back some women to join the fun. 

Adding a sexy hostess to any of our activities keeps the bachelor party spirit intact. All our hostesses have been screened and you can rest assured they will always be beautiful and full of energy to keep the party rolling!