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In many regards, Montreal has an incredible reputation but despite that there are still plenty of myths that surround the city. Let’s debunk these stupid myths so you can appreciate Montreal without fear.


We take pride in protecting the French language and you may have heard some embarrassing stories such as “Pasta Gate” or our dumb hardcore language laws. Regardless of that, Montreal is a bilingual city. You don’t become a welcoming international Metropolis by speaking only one language. 

Tourism has been and always will be a major part of Montreal’s culture. Serving tourists in English and French is a point of pride in our city. You will never have a problem communicating in English in downtown Montreal. And no, no one will get mad at you for speaking English either. Those days are almost gone unless you leave the island. 

Off-island French is the predominant language so be ready for that. Stick to Montreal and you’ll be able to communicate not only in English and French, but you will easily find people who speak Italian, Spanish, Greek, Arab, Chinese and more. Vive le Quebec Libre


I remember when I was in Florida one year and some twenty-year-old chick asked me if I lived in an igloo. I lied and said, “yes and we only travel on snowmobiles. I even have a pet penguin”. She didn’t even bat an eye until I broke it to her the reality of how dumb she was. 

Montreal does have long, cold winters but they don’t last all year! Despite what you may think, Montreal is still wild during those frigid months, but nothing compares to our summers. It gets hot in Montreal and you can expect temperatures to hit the 90’s from May to September. The city comes alive during this time and trust us skin will be exposed. Skirts and sandals take over boots and winter jackets and you’ll appreciate the summer scenery in Montreal.


Montreal is very open minded when it comes to the sex industry. Yet, certain aspects of prostitution is illegal, so that means you can go to jail if you are caught soliciting someone for sex. It is true that police may turn a blind eye to the matter, but it is a risk you shouldn’t take.  Why risk jail time at your Montreal Bachelor Party when you can have plenty of legal fun at strip clubs where lap dances allow contact. Better still, head over to a nightclub and try to bring home a lucky lady the good old-fashioned way. 


Montreal is very competitive when it comes to sports and we hate American sports teams especially when they play our beloved Montreal Canadiens. That doesn’t mean we hate Americans themselves. On the contrary, we love it when you come to join the fun north of the border. 

There is one thing to note, stay respectful and don’t be a patriotic dick. We love to serve and accommodate but don’t piss us off. If we came down to your city and started dissing the good ole USA, you would have our heads. Treat us with respect and we will return it tenfold. God bless America!