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It’s Friday afternoon and your plane just landed at Pierre Elliot Trudeau airport in Montreal for your best friends bachelor party. You eagerly stretch out your legs and meet up with the whole crew after passing customs. You head to the exit and waiting for you is a huge bus. This isn’t just a regular bus, it’s a party bus! 


Our party bus option is a great way to start your bachelor party weekend in Montreal. Inside the bus you can start drinking and upon request we can fully stock it with all the booze, champagne and ice you could ever need. You’ll ask the driver to take the scenic route because there is no rush to get check in at the hotel. 

What’s even better is that you can include a bunch of strippers to accompany you. Our party buses have stripper poles, so our ladies can put on a performance when you’re stuck in traffic on the 15 South. The party is already rocking, and you have been in Montreal barely an hour. Booking this option is a great kick-starter and sets the tone for the whole weekend, there will be boobs and booze! 

You can also book the party bus at night to drive around town which avoids separating the group into multiple cabs. The bachelor party will stick together and save money too. The cost of renting the party bus is easily dispersed amongst bigger groups of ten. I have had my share of parties in these legendary buses and I have to admit there is an extra excitement that is felt throughout the drive. You have beautiful strippers and get to go wherever you want in Montreal. What’s better than that? 

You can even skip the strip club because the show is on the bus with you up close and personal. You can go straight to a nightclub after a wild ride on the party bus too. You’ll be warmed up and the hormones will be flowing. The nightclub won’t know what hit them. A bonus is that if you book the party bus to pick you up at the end of your night, everyone can get back to the hotel together. You’ll avoid having to find out if a drunken mess of a friend is back home safe and sound. Nothing is worse than telling a girlfriend you may have lost her boyfriend. Get our “Big Wheels and Heels” service and kick off the party the right way!