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With weed being legal in Montreal some members of your bachelor party will be tempted to have a couple tokes. Is it a good idea to include weed in your plans? I think it’s a personal choice if someone wants to get high during their night. 

I strongly suggest you keep the groom-to-be away from smoking because all the drinking mixed with weed might mean an earlier close to his night. Some people react better when mixing booze and marijuana while others simply become incoherent. 

Timing is very crucial to how good or bad the experience will be. I think lighting a small joint at the end of the night is a perfect time to do so. It will put most of the crew to sleep which will help deal with their hangovers. The ones who manage to stay awake will have plenty to laugh about while they remember their exploits throughout the night. 

I hate to say it but most people when they are high look very different compared to when they are drunk or sober. Some will have their eyes nearly shut or have their eyeballs completely glazed over. It isn’t always the most attractive look you want to have if you want to pick up women. They will know you are stoned and if you are the paranoid type that will ruin everything. 


Sticking to alcohol is a safer bet for having a good time during a stag party. It is easier to pace yourself because liquor doesn’t change if you are drinking it in Montreal or Las Vegas. Weed on the other hand has different strengths (THC levels), and different strains (Sativa, Indica) that have different effects. I have seen it way too often when American pot smokers get blasted through the roof when they try our powerful blends of the pot. No, it isn’t the same weed they sell you back home. 

So, should you smoke joints at your bachelor party? It depends on the individual, but we suggest saving the joints for daytime activities or save it for the afterparty wherever that ends up being. Drink at the strip club and night clubs instead. Creating a good balance is key to having the most fun you can have!.