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Your time in Montreal will be limited and you’ll want to experience as much as you can while you are here. On top of that, it’s a bachelor party, sightseeing would be nice but doesn’t quite fit the bill. It’s Saturday afternoon and the boys are getting hungry. Friday night was a blast, and everyone was a little long in the tooth hungover the next morning. What can you do that will have you eating a great lunch and keep the bachelor party vibe still going? It didn’t take a team of Nobel prize scientists to figure this idea out either. 

A key component to any bachelor party are including women and more specifically strippers. Adding strippers to an activity just makes it better right? Now add one of Montreal’s world-famous smoked meat sandwiches to the mix and suddenly you are having a bachelor party lunch! 

We offer you the hottest strippers who will serve you completely nude at your hotel or Air BnB. A huge bonus that allows you and the party to relax in the privacy of your hotel suite with no need to travel or drag your friends around town. You’ll also skip the long lineups at Montreal’s finest delis like Schwartz’s or The Main. 

The strippers won’t be empty-handed because they’ll be bringing the smoked meat too. Don’t worry we will send over some extra mustard if needed. Booking this sort of lunch will catch the crew by surprise and fuck, who doesn’t love strippers serving them food. Eating dessert at the same time with the main course is an amazing meal plan. Don’t forget to chew your meat while you’re staring at her ass!  

This combo will help put your hangover to bed and get the hormones raging in no time. You can choose as many strippers as you need, and we will help you with the food menu too. If you love briskets and rye bread with a side order of tits this package deal is perfect for you.