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There will be many of you on your Saturday afternoon who will still feel the effects of Friday night and have zero intention of leaving their hotel rooms. You’ll feel guilty about it because hell, it’s a bachelor party in Montreal. You should be doing something fun or productive instead of lounging around. You can’t help but remember if you were home, you’d probably be playing some video games to help ease your hangover. Maybe you’re playing a team deathmatch in Call of Duty or building a fortress in Fortnite with buddies online. If only you could play video games at your bachelor party and not feel like a total dweeb at the same time. 


Enter the stripper into your nerd kingdom. We will send over sexy strippers who’ll wear nothing while they play your favorite video games with you. Granted you’ll probably play terrible because focusing on the screen is nearly impossible with that rack beside you. You’ll have beautiful company and maybe if she lets you beat her at FIFA soccer, you’ll get a lap dance for being the MVP. 

We of course will provide the console, controllers needed and the boobs of course. This is a guilt free pleasure that requires no effort. You can save your energy for Saturday night while still maintaining the bachelor party spirit. This is also a great idea if the groom to be is exhausted from the Friday night and doesn’t want to go paintballing or go karting. You can leave him behind in good company. He’ll be grateful for the boobs and he will be ready for all the madness coming. Who knows maybe he’ll be in better shape than the rest of the crew because of it! Now, you need to ask yourselves which console and which games? Nintendo? PlayStation? XBOX? We have them all, so text us now and find out more about pricing and other options that are available!