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The world around us is always in a state of constant evolution and bachelor parties are no exception to that rule. Strip clubs are still relevant and offer amazing fun for any stag party. You’ll see plenty of boobs and lap dances are just a nod away. So why choose the strip house experience over the strip club experience? To answer that question, you need to know what a strip house experience can be like and what to expect. believes that your hotel or AirBnB can be more than a place to sleep. We believe bringing the strip club directly to you is an amazing option for your bachelor party. Imagine having all the nudity and excitement of a strip joint in the privacy of your hotel suite or AirBnB living room. You won’t have to compete with the 5 other bachelor parties for the hottest strippers because all their attention will be centered on you. 

You can surprise the groom or the whole crew while you’re having a pre-drink and there is an unexpected knock on the door. Picture two hot strippers at your door and picture the look on the groom’s face when they walk in.  Imagine sitting on comfortable sofa watching a lesbian show or then giving the groom to be the ride of his life. 

You spend a ton of money on accommodations and spend little to no time there.  Get the most out of your hard-earned dollars by saving on liquor costs and transportation. The Strip House Experience allows you to skip the over inflated strip joint prices and your lap dances are included in the price. 

The groom won’t have to worry about strangers watching him as he has boobs pushed into his face. Whatever happens at your strip house experience stays between the boys. These private shows can be personalized too. If your groom likes uniforms that can be arranged, if he likes stockings and heels that can be arranged too. You will have full control of how and what your services will look like. 

The Strip House Experience also allows you to spend time wisely and efficiently. It isn’t always fun running around the city from one spot to the next. The strip house experience keeps you in one spot so you can settle down and not worry about time. Once your show or activity is done you can go grab a bite to eat and hit the clubs. The mood will be set, and it will feel like you are at a bachelor party and not just having a regular night out. 

The Strip House Experience is the way of the future today, fully customizable sexy fun at your doorstep. You’ll save money in the long run and you’ll have more intimate contact with the strippers. All our strippers are hand-picked for quality  and know how to make bachelors parties memorable. 

Check out the wide variety of wild entertaining services like topless beer pong or cooking up your eggs in the morning completely in the buff.

Check out the Strip House Experience or text us now to learn more.

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