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The city of Montreal is considered to be one of the sex capitals in the world. Montreal diverse citizens are not only beautiful but extremely opened minded in terms of sex. If BDSM is your thing you can even attend one of the largest fetish festivals in the world on labour day weekend.

You didn’t come all that way for that, you’re here for a bachelor party and you want the best Strip Club Experience you can get. Montreal offers plenty of options in terms of strip clubs, it seems that our beautiful women hate clothing. 

At a Montreal strip club, you can expect full nudity all day and night. Just keep in mind the best strippers are sleeping during the day! Most on stage shows consist of one stripper who will dance to two different songs. The first song is usually when the stripper teases the crowd in some lingerie or a bikini. Once the second song begins, that’s when everything comes off. Nothing is ever held back in our strip joints.  You can witness firsthand every inch of flesh these buxom beauties have to offer.

On stage, you can catch lesbian shows where they go down on each other and in some cases, a toy may make an appearance. For the bold grooms to be, they can join the strippers on stage and get spanked after getting the best lap dance of their lives. Montreal’s strip clubs are always entertaining and the girls, well are in the most part very sweet and can hold a conversation with anybody. Most dancers can speak both English and French. We know you will love that accent as they whisper dirty things into your ears.

Lap dances in Montreal can cost 20$ per dance and tip is always suggested if you enjoyed your private performance. Unlike other provinces or states our lap dances allow full contact. You can have a hands-on experience like no other but keep in mind respect goes a long way! Our strippers are the best but if you piss one off don’t be surprised if she slaps you followed by a big bouncer introducing you to the stairs. Better to ask first about her rules of the game and as long as you play by her rules, everyone wins!

Bottle service is always available, and we strongly suggest you take up this service. Buying drinks individually will cost you a fortune and besides why wait on your drinks.  Bottle service will get you a great table providing a great view of the stage. You don’t go to a strip joint to look at the guy across from you. Most strip clubs have VIP sections that have bottle minimums but that also guarantees more strippers will be joining you. These VIP sections in most cases offer a little more privacy so you don’t have to worry about old perverted gawkers staring at your fun.

Montreal’s strip clubs are the best in the world! The best way to find out is to experience it firsthand and there is no better time than at your Bachelor Party. We know where the best strip clubs are, and we will make sure you won’t wait in line. We take care of your bottle service needs and you won’t have to worry about tipping the bouncers, because we take care of that too. Montreal’s strip club experience is an essential experience for any bachelor party!

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