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In the early stages of planning your bachelor party you will need to consider where you will rest your weary heads after a wild night out. Montreal like any major metropolitan city offers a ton of hotels and Air BnB’s to accommodate you. The size of your group will naturally play a part in the decision-making process.


Our trip builder makes planning your accommodation  needs fast and simple. You can contact us directly and we can provide you all the best spots for a bachelor party. 


That old adage about location doesn’t only apply to where you should open up your business or purchasing a home. It most definitely applies to where your bachelor party will be staying. 

Montreal is way bigger than people think and it can be easy to find cheap rooms and suites quite far from all the action. The last thing we want to do is have you wake up in Repentigny and take a 45-minute cab ride back into the city. 

It is crucial you stay in the heart of all the action! 


Staying in the downtown core is your best bet. All your essential services are always a couple steps away. You’ll never have to worry about finding a restaurant nearby or a strip club either. 

The downtown core is littered with hotels and Air BnB’s that can accommodate groups of all sizes. St. Catherine Street is the central artery that runs through downtown, but you will find most hotels on Sherbrooke street. Sherbrooke street runs through all the major arteries where the action never stops. You can be steps away from world famous Crescent Street, St. Laurent Boulevard, and St. Denis Boulevard. All of which offer strip clubs, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. 

Using our trip builder will find the best hotel for you, maybe it’s a Sheraton or a Marriott, in any case we have you covered.


The Old Port of Montreal is a real gem in North America. It is one of the oldest ports dating back to the 1600’s. Now don’t let the age fool you because the old port has been transformed into another rocking part of the city.

Montreal’s old port has a European feel and it won’t take long until you walk on some cobble stone roads. Home to beautiful hotels overlooking the St. Lawrence river and elegant Air Bnb’s, you will have plenty of options to sift through. 

The old port like the downtown core is littered with restaurants and plenty of tourist site seeing spots. The great thing about the old port is the resurgence of the nightlife in the area. Some of Montreal’s hottest and most popular night clubs lay hidden to the undiscerning eye. We get you access to the hottest clubs like Bord’Elle, that offers a burlesque inspired décor that attracts classy beautiful women every weekend. 

Finding a place to stay in the old port is a great idea for you bachelor party and by texting us we can guide you and ensure you find the best spot to house your party.


The Plateau as Montrealer’s call it rests just below Montreal’s iconic Mont Royal mountain. The plateau is where every walk of life intersects. You’ll find hipsters and businessmen having a coffee at the local coffee joint.

 This part of the city never really sleeps, offering unique restaurants and bars that cater to all tastes. Mount Royal street is closed off to vehicles and is littered with bar patios (terraces as the locals call it) and pedestrians everywhere. You’ll get a sore neck trying to catch a glimpse of all the beauties walking by. A great strip for a bar hop and delicious bites. 

In terms of accommodation there are fewer hotels, but you will find a staggering number of Air BnB’s.  Finding the right spot to book here is a little trickier so we strongly suggest using our trip builder or contacting us.


If you don’t plan on staying in the aforementioned areas, you will probably regret it. You might save a couple bucks on the rooms, but you’ll be spending more on taxis and Ubers to get you into the action.

We strongly suggest you stay in the heart of the city and avoid the much quieter and calmer areas of Montreal.