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Montreal’s strip clubs are numerous, and they never seem to have a hard time finding eager and willing beauties to work the stage. Montreal strip joints are mostly located in the downtown core of the city.


Each strip club has developed their own personal reputations, but they all share one major fact. The women that work there are the best strippers in the world. Let us explain why they are the best from first-hand experience

The Most Beautiful

When you walk into a Montreal strip club, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see the quality and diverse number of strippers ready to rock your world. There will be plenty of French-Canadian bombshells who talk with the sweetest accents.

You also find women from all around the world because Montreal is a mixing pot of cultures. You’ll find spicy Latinas and wild Italians, and tall eastern Europeans who will blow you away as the Caribbean and African broads mesmerize you.

 Montreal’s strip clubs are the best international buffet you’ll ever experience. Our strippers work hard to keep their bodies in shape which is great because watching a saggy washed up dancer isn’t the way to go. 


It is amazing how giving a little respect to our strippers opens the door to an even wilder night at our strip clubs. Our strippers are allowed to drink with you and if your good conversation they will keep you company for more than one song. Most will sip their drink on your lap letting you get to know them a little better. 

Our strippers aren’t naïve and know how to play the game, they want their night to run smoothly just like you do. They will be witty, and you’ll be pleased to hear how well they are versed in what’s going on in the world today.

I have had cigarettes with strippers outside the strip joint and had some of the best conversations about their personal lives and strip club experiences. They might not become your best friends, but they will treat you in better ways your best friends can never do.

Their Performances

Montreal, the most liberal city in Canada in terms of sexual freedom naturally offers the best strip performances too. Pole dancing has become a popular form of exercise and art. On any given night you’ll be able to tell which strippers have been taking lessons and who is giving them. You can catch amazing pole acts that are not only sexy but also athletic and impressive. Some girls just bend in ways that will leave your jaw on the table.

On most nights you’ll also be able to catch on stage lesbian shows. There won’t be any pretend kissing or licking. They go down on each other like it’s their last meal on death row. 

In most of our strip clubs you will also be able to get the groom to be on stage where a handful of strippers will make him part of their show and in most cases will end up in his boxers and getting spanked for being a real bad boy. Learn more about adding this option to your bachelor party by clicking here.

The Lap Dances

Our strip clubs allow full contact lap dances which don’t necessarily mean you can do whatever you want with our lovely strippers. Each club has its own rules you must follow and more importantly each stripper has her own rules too. Once you establish the ground rules and respect is kept throughout your lap dance you can expect some handfuls of titties and ass. If you are lucky maybe some strippers will even let you spank them gently. 

The best thing is, is that you can even get the groom his own personal lesbian show via lap dance. Both strippers will take him into a private booth, and you’ll wonder what’s taking them so long. Trust us he won’t want to leave, and we hope he won’t mind paying the strippers monthly mortgage payment!

It is a hands-on experience and you’ll love feeling how soft their sexy legs can get. Whatever happens in the booth will stay between you and the stripper. No worries of a social media disaster with these beauties. Besides, those tales are not made for future wives or girlfriends.

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