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We love Montreal strip clubs for all the obvious reasons such as the incredibly nubile beautiful strippers who leave nothing to the imagination and the incredible lap dances you can receive from them. If your bachelor party doesn’t visit at least one of Montreal’s strip joints, you have failed horribly, and you should never be chosen as best man again! You’re not that guy, right?!

You planned the smart thing and booked bottle service at one of Montreal’s naked institutions. The crew is loving the view and some members have been lost in the back of the club getting their fifth lap dance from Destiny with the huge triple D knockers. Everything is going as it should be. You now need to decide if you will sacrifice the bachelor to the stripper goddesses by sending him on stage.

Our party host will ensure you get to choose the strippers of your choice who will join the groom to be on stage. There are of course positive and negative points to consider when adding this activity and we decided to cover a few of them to help make up your mind on this matter. 


You’ll love seeing the reaction on the bachelor’s face when he hears his name being announced on the PA system in the strip club. All the boys will be eager to watch how he will perform on stage. Even your best bud will stop getting lap dances to watch the bachelor get spoiled in front of a crowd.  

The bachelor, if he is an extrovert, will love all the attention and probably ham it up while the strippers nod in disapproval. He’ll regret acting smart soon enough! The bachelor may also have a secret yearning for BDSM and is a closet masochist who loves getting spanked. The strippers will lavish him with their bodies and eventually strip him down to his boxers or underwear. They will roll him on his stomach and well his belt and their hands will make his kinky dreams come true. 

Although the bachelor on stage is getting all the direct action, the rest of the crew will feel just as involved watching. Who doesn’t like watching a grown-ass man getting spanked by Montreal’s finest strippers?  You will create amazing memories only you and the boys alone ever know about. Consider it a tribute or send-off, his days of being single are through and the strippers will remind him of what he will be missing.


Unfortunately, sometimes what you envision happening throughout your bachelor party weekend won’t go exactly as planned. This logic also applies when throwing the bachelor on a strip club stage. If the bachelor is the shy type, you risk creating an incredibly awkward and painful moment for him while the crowd cringes at what they are witnessing. 

There is also the risk of him getting a huge boner which will only make him feel embarrassed even more. Your crew might think it is hilarious but if the bachelor feels humiliated his mood will be sour for the rest of your trip. Try to understand the bachelor’s personality and be sure it fits with any of your plans. 

Another danger is the high likelihood of the bachelor returning home with bruises and scratches all over his body. You just created a nightmare scenario of incriminating evidence for the bachelor.  He now has to convince his wife that nothing crazy happened and that he is innocent of all crimes he is being accused of. Also, if you are dumb enough to take pictures and they manage to leak out, everyone will be royally screwed.  

I have witnessed angry strippers who got fed up with dealing with a wasted bachelor who just wouldn’t respect their rules with him trying to constantly touch them inappropriately. You mess with the bull; you get the horns! We watched him take a beating on stage at the hands of angry strippers with no remorse or empathy. The drunken fool’s ass was completely obliterated which left him walking crooked for the rest of the week.  Make sure the guy you send up isn’t wasted and has some form of common sense still functioning. 


You might be thinking this idea has been overdone and simply way too tacky for your bachelor party. Yet, it is still a fun traditional activity that once the bachelor is on stage you’ll forget about if you have seen it ten times before, you will be wondering how this bachelor will react. No two bachelors ever react the same way, each experience will always be unique.