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Having an epic bachelor party in Montreal isn’t as easy as you think. There are a number of elements you need to include when you plan your weekend, improving your chances to call it a success. There are of course plenty of elements that can disrupt your bachelor party and turn it into a failure too. 

Montreal offers a plethora of options and with our help we will guide and book your epic bachelor party weekend. Here is a quick-fire list of elements to make your bachelor party in Montreal a success.


Did you really expect us not to put ourselves on top the list? Disregard our bias and understand having us on your side is key to a successful weekend. We have booked thousands of bachelor parties and we know what gets the heart going. Something that rhymes with moobs.


No one expects to attend a tea party where you can have all the biscuits and crumpets your bachelor party can have. Let’s get real, there will be booze and you’ll need liters of it. In order for a successful weekend the crew needs to be well lubricated with vodka, champagne and whatever else will make them feel loose. Liquor helps the shyest in your bunch turn into Leonardo DiCaprio at a Victoria secret party. 


It’s a bachelor party in Montreal and you’ll have access to all the nudity you can handle. If you think breasts are offensive, you’re probably not the one getting married. The groom-to-be runs the risk of never seeing another pair of boobs in his life, so spoil him and the crew. There can never be too much nudity unless it’s your best friend streaking in the hotel lobby. Get your asses to the strip club or try our Strip House Experience to satisfy your carnal needs.


Activities throughout the weekend need to be timed properly in order for your bachelor party to roll smoothly. Having too many activities or booking them too close together without adequate leeway time is a recipe for disaster. Space things out and forget activities in the morning knucklehead. 


Eating at the right restaurants and keeping the boys from starving is another key to success. For one thing, a full belly helps handle all the booze you will be ingesting. Fewer of your guys will be sloshed and will actually last the whole day and night. The other thing is, is that you’re in Montreal where the culinary experience is a must have. No matter the size of the group you can eat amazing food without breaking the bank either. You can save some cash at one of our delicious bring your own wine restaurants. We can help with creating personalized menu’s at your favorite restaurants, making life easier for everyone involved.


Like nudity, having plenty of strippers never hurts unless you get blue balls easily. Montreal’s strippers can be found easily at any strip club(duh) or you can include them in your limo or party bus rides and of course our Strip House Experience. You can role play with  strippers because if you think her real name is Starlight you have another thing coming. You can pretend to be anyone you want and have fun with it, try and convince a stripper you’re the count of Monte Carlo! She won’t believe you but at least you’ll share a laugh.


Not always an easy task for a bachelor party because most women know how horny your guys are and tend to stay away from the mess. If you have the right moves and your hotel room, your chances of picking up the hot barmaid increase exponentially. 

Montreal is very carefree when it comes to sex, but you still need to play your cards right. Learn some French pick-up lines and maybe you’ll break the ice and she’ll think you’re cute for trying. Otherwise don’t be a douche or a cocky prick and you’ll have a better chance of bringing someone home who doesn’t have a full beard. 

Be wary of the clingers who just want to get as many drinks out of you and bail. You need to be ready to ditch the gold-digging broads because while they are wasting your time, you could be picking up someone who is interested in you.


Including which invitees to your Montreal bachelor party is a major issue if you want to have a successful weekend. Try to include the rich friends who don’t mind balling out. You’ll have a blast and probably get more strippers too.

Don’t invite family members, especially on her side of the family. Watching your father-in-law using strippers’ thighs as earmuffs probably isn’t the groom’s idea of fun!


What do you mean by sleep? It’s a bachelor party and we have 72 hours to go crazy! You will not last and by the time Saturday night comes you’ll make the living dead seem like a lively bunch. Get some sleep and if possible, take a nap. Recharge those batteries so you can enjoy your weekend to fullest. It’s not the amount of activities, it’s how you experience them. Without sleep you’ll fall flat on your face.