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There is the right way and the wrong way to spend your money at your bachelor party in Montreal. You can’t always think throwing money at something will automatically make it better. Montreal offers a plethora of activities coming at you with a wide range of prices. 

Figuring out what you spend your hard-earned cash on will be entirely up to you. Lucky for you we are here to help you avoid spending your money in the worst possible ways. We know Montreal like the back of our hands because not only have we lived here all our lives; we were once like you too, looking for a great time at a bachelor party without going broke. 


You might make the mistake of thinking that every minute of your trip needs to have action. Therefore, you think booking activities all weekend long is the best plan of action. First off, your bachelor party won’t have the energy to keep up. You need to offer time for recovery because you will be drinking and drinking heartily all night long. Secondly, it will cost you and the party more money. 

Nothing is free unfortunately and you have to spend money especially if you want to have fun. It is a waste of money to book too many activities, pay for them and have half the crew show up because the other half is sleeping back at the hotel. If the crew does actually come along don’t be surprised if the boys are just going through the motions just to get the activities done and over with. 

Going a little leaner on the daytime activities especially those that require physical activity is the wise move to make. You’ll waste less money on activities that no one in the bachelor party wanted to do in the first place. We suggest booking one activity during the afternoon, forget morning activities too, this isn’t boot camp. 

Try our Strip House Experience where we bring fun daytime activities right to your hotel or Air BnB that will always include strippers and the finest asses Montreal has to offer. You’ll keep the bachelor party spirit alive and you won’t be wasting anyone’s time or money. They will love playing Beer Pong against a stripper instead of doing three activities in three hours out in the city. 

Boobs always win, always!


While you were planning the bachelor party you decided it would make your life easier and though you can save money skipping bottle service. Maybe you thought it would be cost effective and when you presented your budget you could keep the numbers low. You do not save money buying individual drinks! I repeat you don’t save money! 

Contrarily, bottle service not only saves you money, but it also keeps the crew together and elevates your bachelor party status too. The time you waste at the bar waiting for drinks might not cost you money but why waste time which is even more valuable. 

You want your bottle handy so if the hot blonde gave you the eye, you can act quickly and get her a drink immediately. You won’t pay the overpriced single drink and won’t have to tip again either. 

Bottle service saves you money every time and to boot, you can get a booth or a table too. If you want the bachelor party to be well hydrated and feeling loose at a lower cost, you need bottle service.  I don’t know how many times I need to repeat this!


Spending money on making the bachelor party look like a military unit all dressed the same way is an easy way to waste money. That money can be spent on our Strip House Experience instead of paying for T-shirts with the groom’s face on them. It’s fucking cheesy and makes you stand out like a bunch of sore thumbs. That attention you are getting isn’t about how cool you look. 

If you decide to dress up the bachelor, don’t spend like crazy on costumes because nine times out of ten whatever they are forced to wear comes off after an hour. The more elaborate the costume, the more expensive and more of a waste of money for ten minutes of laughter and discomfort. 

Spend your money on what will actually drive the party forward like bottle service and strippers. This isn’t a bachelorette where all the girls have toys with dicks on them.