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I always wonder if club goers today actually like champagne or just want to have a cool Instagram story to post. Getting a couple bottles of bubbly at your bachelor party is sure to attract the ladies. Champagne tastes sweet which makes it an easy sell when trying to convince the girls to stick around for more than just a couple shots.

Champagne originates from the region in France which of course is called the Champagne Region. Champagne is a sparkling wine that derives mainly from the Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier grapes. This bubbly drink that is served in tall flute glasses was always associated with royalty. If you want feel like a bunch of kings you need to attract some queens and having champagne with your bottle service is the way to go. 

Here are our favorite champagnes you must have at your stag or bachelor party in Montreal.

Be sure to ask the waitress what the policy is on champagne showers! You might think it’s a great idea and will look great on your social media. Contrarily you might end up being thrown out for soaking innocent bystanders or bartenders who just don’t want to get wet. Drink the champagne instead of pissing everyone else off.


Dom Perignon is synonymous with class and sophistication, yet it is also the most popular champagne to party with. Maybe after a couple bottles the sophistication takes a break as you take body shots off a pair of tits. 

Dom Perignon originated in 1668 with the helping hands of Dom Pierre Perignon who believed it or not was a Benedictine monk. Who knows maybe he threw the wildest parties at the Abbey de Hautvillers, if gods on the guest list anything goes!

Dom Perignon nowadays is found in all respectable clubs and is the ultimate symbol of status and prestige. With their luminous labels that attract women like moths to a fire is a must have for your bachelor party.


Jay-Z is considered by many to not only be one of the best hip-hop artists ever but also being a fantastic entrepreneur. Jay -Z is also a man of great conviction because when Cristal’s top manager implied, they didn’t want rappers buying their iconic brand Jay-z decided to compete against them. 

Jay-Z bought a small pre-existing champagne producer from the Cattier region in France. This champagne was known as Armand De Brignac and with Jay-Z’s takeover the iconic Ace of Spades name was added to the branding. Jay-Z took this small company and turned it into an international top seller. 

Ace of Spades golden opaque bottle has become the standard champagne in hip hop videos and social media posts. Maybe Cristal should have kept their mouths shut. Ace of Spades and bachelor parties are made for each other, go for the gold!


Moet isn’t only used for champagne showers at Formula 1’s Montreal Grand Prix. Moet has been a part of the club scene for ages. This two hundred and seventy-year-old champagne began with the man who created champagne in the first place, Claude Monet. His grandson Jean Remy Moet helped spread the good word so to speak, making Moet a hit with the royals. 

Even Napoleon loved drinking Moet and allegedly he and his troops were the first to saber a champagne bottle. Moet is still iconic and although they may not have an emperor to please anymore, they do have Roger Federer the world’s top tennis player as their brand ambassador. 

Moet is eloquent, tasty and represents tradition and class. Buy a magnum because like a Marquise de Pompadour the mistress of King Louis XV said “Champagne is the only wine in the world that makes every woman beautiful”


Their golden yellow label is a dead give-away you are about to drink some Veuve Clicquot.  Madame Clicquot was one of the first businesswomen in contemporary history. In 1808 at the age of 27 she took the Cliqouts family business and helped it reach heights no one would have imagined. 

La Grande Dame de Champagne has blessed your bachelor party with a great champagne that will leave no bitter aftertaste in your throat. Tasting smooth and sweet, you won’t go wrong when you offer a glass to a pretty lady at the nightclub. Your bachelor party needs all the help it can get and having Veuve Cliqout on your bottle list is a great start.


Cristal despite losing some ground to rival Ace of Spades is still considered a fantastic champagne. Their massive vineyard is located in the Grands and Premiers Crus of the Marne in France. It has been a family run business since 1833 and continues to produce high quality champagne to this day.

 Some of you younger folks might think this champagne is passé and not trending, but Cristal is just way too good to pass up. Not being the most popular doesn’t mean it lacks quality. If your bachelor party wants one of the best tasting champagnes on the planet, Cristal is your answer.