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It’s your bachelor party in Montreal and everyone in the crew is amped up and ready to hit our legendary strip clubs with full force and enthusiasm. Your crew will not be disappointed by what they will find in our nude institutions, but misbehaving might mess up your experience in paradise.

The last thing you want happening is to get kicked out of the strip joint or get beat up by an angry stripper either. You want to have fun with the boys and not be forced to supervise them like a schoolteacher on a field trip. The strippers will love serving you guys if you follow the rules which only leads to more fun!

There is bound to be a couple knuckle heads in your party that don’t understand how to behave properly in a strip joint so take them the time explaining our top 10 mistakes to avoid at a strip club.


We are in this business for a reason, and the fact we have been booking bachelor parties for years proves you need our professional help. We take pride that every bachelor party has the most fun possible and that includes taking care of your strip club experience.

We will ensure you will never wait in a lineup, won’t pay a cover, and take care of tipping the bouncer. Your bottle service will be waiting on ice and we can even reserve VIP sections if you want more privacy.

Our VIP host will be with you taking care of all these details including setting up an onstage performance that includes your groom-to-be. We have made strong connections over the years with Montreal’s strip clubs and not using our services will deny you the privileges we can share.


Being a large group and not incorporating bottle service in your strip club plans is a major fail on many levels. It will cost you and the crew way more money to buy individual drinks or beers. Bottle prices will be higher than usual, but you still save money in the long run.

You will save on time too because you won’t have to wait for a waitress to serve you. You won’t have to compete with the other bachelor parties or tourists either for the waitress’s attention too. Having bottle service also elevates your status which in turn attracts more strippers. A real win win situation.


Our full contact lap dances can easily blur the concept of time and space. It is so easy to forget that this beautiful stripper sitting on your lap wants to make the most money she possibly can rather than becoming your best friend.

Strip clubs generally charge fifteen to twenty dollars a lap dance which lasts one song but here’s the catch, the songs being played never last more than three to four minutes. It is so easy to get sucked into the moment and forget you just listened to ten songs and you owe two hundred dollars.

Avoid having that sick feeling in your stomach when you by paying up front. Tell the stripper you want three songs, pay for them and make sure not to keep going when the time is up!


Nothing is scarier than a pissed off stripper pointing at you while she is yelling at the bouncer to kick your ass. Do not piss off our strippers! Whether you are getting lap dances in the private booths or out front near the stage, always respect the strippers.

Let them take the lead and follow them accordingly. It never hurts to ask the exotic dancer’s rules of engagement either. Just because she decided to sit on your lap doesn’t mean you have permission to grab her tits! Ask first and live for more action later. Before a lap dance ground rules need to be set so both parties will be happy, and the stripper will feel safe.

Do not talk shit or rudely to the strippers either. Being nice and cordial will get you way more rewards, remember you attract strippers with honey and not vinegar.


No matter where you are going in Montreal, being too wasted will not work in your favor, especially at strip clubs. Showing up to the strip joint hammered might mean getting flat-out refused and you’ll be dreaming of tits instead of seeing them live and in person.

Bouncers and strippers alike know the drunker you get, the more likely you will do something stupid. If you get too wasted while inside the strip club, you will notice the strippers avoiding you or your whole table. They know what drunks look like and they have no intention of dealing with drunken fools either.


It is no surprise that hormones are raging in strip clubs and adding alcohol to the mix can create volatile situations. Getting into a fight at a strip club is a bad idea because the bouncers will use extreme force to protect their dancers and club. Do not get into arguments with your friends or other patrons over strippers either, there are plenty to go around!

If you want that lap dance with Candy, you might have to wait! Threatening and telling other men she belongs to you, not only makes you look stupid; Candy won’t be so interested in hanging with you either! Our strip clubs on weekends have more than enough babes to keep everyone happy. Share the love instead of fighting over it.


Using your cell phone in a strip club will get you plenty of attention for all the wrong reasons. Bouncers and strippers will be watching you making sure you aren’t trying to snap any unwanted pictures! Consent is the name of the game and if you don’t have consent to take pictures, don’t.

The bouncer will grab your phone, delete the pictures and proceed to throw you out despite your pleas. Ask the stripper first and maybe you’ll win the lottery with one of them saying yes to having a picture with them.

Your safest bet is not to use your cell phone at all unless you are making a phone call which is easy for the staff to know you aren’t snapping pictures. I know you might forget the night due to drinking but at least you won’t have a black eye reminding you how you fucked up.


You are certain that the tall blonde stripper is lying to you about her name being Starlight. You are correct but that doesn’t mean you can ask her for her real name does it? Avoid asking personal questions about their personal lives especially during a lap dance.

Our strippers are selling you a fantasy and very few clients will get more than that. Have fun with your questions and don’t act like your trying to dig up info so you can add them on Facebook. In all likelihood you’ll be lying about your name too so just have fun with it.

Asking for extra’s is also a dumb and will have you blacklisted with the all the strippers for the rest of the night. It is illegal for them to sell sexual favors and they definitely won’t be performing them in the strip club.

You should also avoid asking questions about the other strippers because like any other woman they want all your attention to be on them and them alone. A stripper does not want to be your wingman!

Asking for a bargain or a deal is also unrealistic! Strippers want to make money not giving you a rebate because you said pretty please. Don’t be a cheapskate and pay the woman!


There is a good chance a family member will be included in the bachelor party guestlist which will make things uncomfortable for the groom to be. The father in law might not want to see his son in law getting spanked on stage by four strippers.

In turn, the groom-to-be might not want to see his father-in-law feeling some titties up either. The crew might feel shy and held back which goes against everything a bachelor party needs to be. Avoid bringing family members or at worst explain the ground rules and what to expect. To learn more about the dangers of inviting family members to your bachelor party click here.


Your best friend’s money can vanish in minutes at a strip club which means you might think becoming a temporary loan shark is a good idea. Do not become your friend’s ATM so they can keep getting lap dances all night.

You might not ever see that money again or you won’t have any money for your lap dances. Remind the boys to bring extra cash and that once they run out of money to sit down and watch. Save money by adding bottle service and paying for lap dances up front.

Leave the credit card and bank cards at home or with our host and bring cash instead. You won’t be able to overspend on your budget and once you leave the strip club you can get more money for other activities. You are not a bank, don’t make loans or you will get foreclosed.