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There have been many great bachelor parties in Montreal but that doesn’t mean we haven’t seen our fair share of hiccups and mistakes along the way.


Over the years and planning countless parties we compiled a list of all the bad ideas you should avoid when planning your bachelor party.


Your guestlist should include those you trust and are closest to you. Inviting a buddy you haven’t seen in over a decade may not be the best idea. Yes, he was cool and fun then, but you have no idea who they might have become today.

The last thing you want is to have a guy you barely know dragging the whole crew down because he thinks strip clubs are oppressive and support the patriarchy. Invite your best buds and avoid old lost connections.

I have been a part of plenty of bachelor parties and inviting some members of the bride’s side of the family can truly be disastrous. Inviting her brothers or the groom’s future father in law sounds like a great idea for a Hollywood movie. 

Most brides are suspicious and will be suspicious of what activities will be taking place. She knows you’ll never tell her what really happened during your Montreal Bachelor party.  She might suggest inviting her favourite cousin. She’ll promise he is really down to earth and knows how to party. You’ll agree and little did you know, you just let in a trojan horse. 

I’ve seen it first-hand how hawkish her side of the family can be and in part you can’t blame them either. They will comment on every decision being made and once strippers are involved; they suddenly latch on to the groom. The groom will instinctively feel pressured not to do anything too out of the box. He will hold back and ultimately be robbed of a little wild fun before marriage. 

Imagine your father in law sitting next you at the strip club and the stripper plops her breasts in your face. Imagine the father in law looking real pissed at you after the fact. That could ruin the whole weekend and maybe you’ll be divorced before the church ceremony ever happens! 

Another issue to consider when you invite the bride’s side of the family is that your father in law is a dirty dog. Would the groom feel comfortable watching his father in law get more lap dances then the entire crew? What if he is a bad drunk and likes to pick fights with six foot eight bouncers with very little patience. The last thing you want the groom to do is baby sit the in-laws.

All in all, at your Montreal bachelor party, you want the whole crew including the groom to party hard. No one wants to walk on eggshells all weekend because big brother is watching your every move. Alcohol and strippers mean that there can be lapses of judgment and crazy shit will happen! Save yourself from possible heartache or absolute disasters and leave the in-laws far far away.


Having a Jack and Jill Party has many of the issues to deal with as mentioned up above. If you are not aware of what a Jack and Jill Party is, well it’s when the bride and groom combine their bachelor and bachelorette parties together. Her friends and your friends can awkwardly get to know each other while everyone is sober and unsure how to behave.  Instead of creating the wild last night as a single man or woman it becomes more like a regular night out on the town. 

I’ve actually heard of wild Jack and Jill parties where they actually went to both male and female strip clubs and they actually had fun. Those are rare unicorns! I bet your crew doesn’t have the intention to watch a whole bunch of dicks swinging around them at male strip club. They want the bachelor party experience! Some things are best unseen and both the groom and bride in most cases don’t want to see each other getting erotic lap dances from stangers. 

There is also the danger of casual sex occurring. I know what you’re thinking “what’s wrong with that?!” Well if the best man and the sister of the bride get it on in a drunken love affair and one of them is married, well it is clear there will be problems!

 That’s an extreme case and the most likely issue that you can face is the lack of chemistry and synchronizing plans.  Getting the two groups to get along or even agree on what activities should take place will be a nightmare. That is why most Jack and Jill parties end up simply being a supper at a hot restaurant and the rest of the night at a nightclub. The girls will have plastic dicks in hand and the boys will be wondering why they even bothered to come. 

Remember Jack and Jill fell down the hill so please avoid this kind of bachelor party idea.


The action should never stop at a bachelor party but overdoing it is a bad idea. Your bachelor party does not want to be dragged around town, while the best man acts like a drill sergeant. God forbid his schedule has to change or someone doesn’t feel like attending the fourth daytime activity. 

You gotta plan some recovery and chill time. You need to consider that on Friday night everyone will be super excited heading into the weekend. With this extra excitement many of your crew will go overboard and party like Armageddon is coming. Then on Saturday you think you are going to wake them up in the morning so you can go rafting, then go for lunch. Followed by some paintball and go karting and be sure to have supper at 6 and the strip club at 9 and the club at 11 and so and so on.

 Relax! Slow down! Skip the morning activities unless you are having  “The Breakfast of Champions” Give your buddies breaks, create gaps in your scheduling. This can be easily done when you have a hotel suite and or AirBnB booked. Bring the activities to you with our Strip House Experience, you’ll save time and energy and it will still feel like you’re at a bachelor party.  

Keep your Saturday activities to a minimum so everyone can recharge for the wild Saturday evening and night to come. I’ve seen way too many times on Saturday night where half the bachelor party are like zombies roaming the streets. Let us help with your panning and we promise to give your party enough breaks, so you can fully enjoy every activity planned.


You will be drinking, and after that you’ll be drinking some more.  You need to fill your belly with food if you want any chance to survive the weekend. If you think having McDonalds or Burger King as meal ideas you’re completely fucked. Eat good food! 

You are in Montreal; a culinary paradise and you want to eat crap! No, No, no, pick some good restaurants that have great food and most resto’s won’t break the bank. Your bachelor party will appreciate the tasty food and won’t think you are a cheap ass. 

Montreal has it all from quality Steak Houses to fusion style eateries. Why wouldn’t you want to try some of the best food on the planet? 


For some, the idea of having any strippers coming to your room or going to the strip club is no longer viable. You might as well tell the bachelor party we are just going to eat and club in Montreal. 

It’s not a real bachelor party if there isn’t some form of nudity and that doesn’t include your best bud who walks around naked in your hotel room. Bachelor parties are a  right of passage, the last hoorah, the last night for debauchery. It is up to your boys to decide how wild they want to get but to exclude strippers or strip clubs is a terrible idea only the bride will love. 

Having strippers at your party doesn’t mean all out orgies will break out.  The groom won’t be cheating. No, the groom to be deserves to have Montreal’s finest in the buff and taking that away from him, is just plain stupid!