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How do you want to say goodbye to your life as a single guy?

It’s no easy question to answer, but Montreal has an incredible selection of activities. From the subdued to the “Don’t tell my bride,” a Montreal bachelor party can be stacked with things sure to create hilarious memories. Whether you’re the bachelor or planning the party for one, don’t let the stress of planning get you down. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best Montreal bachelor party ideas. These aren’t just time-wasters. Every activity on this list is guaranteed to make you feel like a VIP, cater to that manliness buried within you, and provide your single life with a proper sendoff. 

When booking a bachelor party in Montreal, keep these ideas in mind for an unforgettable experience.

Escape Games

Think you and your crew are clever enough to escape a room full of puzzles and mysteries? Escape Games are still relatively new, but they are all the craze. For your bachelor party, why not challenge yourselves with an activity that’s both entertaining and interactive.

At any of Montreal’s Escape Room venues, you’ll need to scope out clues, solve riddles, and progress through a series of tests to make it to the end. Don’t worry about getting stuck, most rooms offer a hint system, so the experience doesn’t have to be frustrating. 

Different Escape Room venues offer different themes, so be sure to pick one that fits your interests. Your group will need a leader to take charge once inside, and it’s an honor that should go to the bachelor boy.


Sure, the heart of Montreal is a concrete jungle, but travel just a bit beyond the city, and you’ll find expanses of green. Golf courses and country clubs are dotted around Montreal’s outskirts to provide your group with 18 holes of competitive entertainment. 

Golf is a great sport if you just want to enjoy a quiet few hours with your friends. It’s slow-paced, offers plenty of opportunity for conversation, and still has that competitive edge to it. As you’re researching golf clubs, pay close attention to what amenities are offered. Some feature a country club serving up an assortment of delicious menu options.

There’s nothing like starting your day off on the course, exchanging insults or talking about the day’s plans, then kicking back with a perfectly cooked burger and a round of drinks. Want to ramp up the competition? Force the loser to pay for a round of drinks at the nightclub that evening.

White water Rafting

Bring a little adventure into your life with white water rafting down the Lachine Rapids of the Saint Lawrence River. Depending on how shaken up you want to get and who you book through, there are a few routes to choose from. The adventurous excursion is an intense cruise down a river of relentless rapids. You’ll rock and be shifted about as relentless waves like Louis Leap, Big John, and Devils Drop pummel your boat. 

A family-friendly option slows things down a bit, which may not be suitable for a bachelor party. Keep it in mind to cater to your less brave travelers.   


Fire foam arrows at your party members with this hilariously fun and very interactive activity. Dodgebow is a blend of dodgeball and archery, requiring players to fire safe and soft arrows at one another. Land a hit, and that person is out of the match. This is peak competition, which may be a good way to start your Montreal bachelor party excursion.

Dodgebow is not for the party looking to stand still. You’ll need to move to avoid being struck. Make the game personal by betting a round of drinks or spice things up with a “Loser Pays for Lap Dances” bet.

Dodgebow may sound juvenile, but you’ll feel differently once you pick up that bow and start to feel like Hawkeye or Robin Hood. 

Sky Diving (Indoor and Outdoor)

Have a taste for adrenaline? There are few things more thrilling and exhilarating than a jump out of a moving airplane while you’re thousands of feet in the air. Sky diving is not for everyone – and especially not for the faint of heart. If you think you can handle it, though, some incredible benefits accompany this exciting experience.

For one, there’s the memory of jumping out of an airplane. Few things you’ll do in life will top that moment, and it will undoubtedly make this a bachelor party to remember. Second, there are the views. When you’re done screaming your head off or adjusting to the feeling of free-falling, it will be hard not to notice the expansive beauty that is Canada. Finally, you and your party will feel closer than ever. There’s something about jumping from a plane that strengthens the brotherly bond.

This is definitely an experience made for a GoPro.

Take a Stroll Through Old Montreal

Sure, it’s not the most thrilling activity, but a walk through Old Montreal is not a bad way to pass the time during a bachelor party – especially if you frame it with some more adventurous activities. There is plenty to see and experience in Old Montreal, from the stunning architecture at Place d’Armes and Notre-Dame Street East to a bevy of museums and historical locations that cater to many interests. The views are wonderful, even if you just take a breather at Vauquelin Place or take a stroll through the Montreal Botanical Garden.  

One trick to adding a stop in Old Montreal to your itinerary is to book reservations at a restaurant near the heart of the historic district. This will give you a chance to see the finer landmarks of Old Montreal without having to sacrifice what may be more memorable and exciting experiences.

Fishing Charter

Sometimes, it’s nice to just kick back with the boys and share stories. A bachelor party is the perfect time to reminisce, and a Montreal fishing charter is a great place to let those stories fly. You’ll start pretty early in the morning to grab some fish, so a fishing charter is the type of activity you want to plan your day (and, more importantly, your night) around.

A fishing charter is calm and slow. With evening plans that are higher energy, the morning quiet will likely be welcomed. Choose the right charter, and you can even eat what you catch, so lunch is taken care of! 

Looking for the opportune moment to share embarrassing stories about the groom? A charter is a good time to as the bachelor boy has nowhere to hide.

High Speed Go-Karting

Who doesn’t love to put the pedal to the metal? Sure, go-karting isn’t quite the same as, say, a drag race down an open strip, but you and your crew could have some easy-going fun on the smaller track. Since Montreal is the home of the Montreal Grand Prix, racing is a big piece of the city. Go-karting is just another way of connecting with the beautiful Canadian metropolis.

Like many activities for a bachelor party, you could make go-karting really competitive. Set the stakes and hit the track to see which of your group will be buying a round of drinks or paying for lap dances. Go-karting may sound juvenile, and it really isn’t for every bachelor, but if you’re fun-loving, you’ll certainly get a kick out of this harmless entertainment.

Axe Throwing

The ultimately manly activity! 

Just as the name implies, you’ll throw axes at a variety of targets. It’s archery, but arguably ten times cooler. Axe throwing is such a manly, primitive activity that you’ll have a hard time not reverting to your overtly guy-ish ways. It’s a bachelor party, though, so it’s totally expected. 

Expect some tired arms after a session of ax throwing. Also, here’s a chance to set another wager. Score each throw and award the winner with a frosty premium beverage. As for the loser? It sounds like somebody is paying for the drinks for the evening. 

After a round of ax throwing, there will be a ton of testosterone flowing within your group. What better place to bring it all than to one of Montreal’s hottest strip clubs?

Steakhouse Dinner

You’ll need something to fuel the debaucherous good time you likely have planned for your Montreal bachelor party, so be sure to sneak in a dinner with friends. To say the choices are abundant would be a massive understatement. Montreal is not only full of places to grab a bite – the city is teeming with exotic cuisines, top-rated fare, and culinary creations from the brightest minds in the industry. 

It’s not an easy choice to make, but booking a dinner interlude before the nightly entertainment starts is a good idea. You’ll definitely want your strength. However, you don’t want to overdo it and find yourself bloated.

Whether you want locally-sourced ingredients, authentic Asian cuisine, casual sandwiches, high-end French dishes, or some other dish from around the globe, Montreal’s assortment of dining options will make it possible to enjoy.

Racing Simulation

If the moderate speeds of go-karting are enough to satiate your need for thrills, then maybe partake in a racing simulation. Due to the popularity of the Montreal Grand Prix, the city does offer a few racing simulators, the most popular of them being Vortex Racing. 

Racing simulators put you in the virtual seat of a high-speed racing vehicle. You’ll quickly get a sense of what it’s like driving in competitive events like the Formula 1 Grand Prix as the car picks up speed and sends you careening around corners and speeding through straightaways.

Simulators will put you behind the wheel of high-performance F1, Grand Prix 2, Grand Prix 3, and F3 cars. Some simulations even let you compete with your group in a virtual race to the finish line. You may not be on the track, but the thrills are there as you can feel the speed as you cruise down the track.

Day Club / Beach Club

A great bachelor party requires a few things. 

First, there should be partying. Preferably all day. Second, there should be girls. Make them part of your party to amp up the energy and possibility of one heck of a memorable evening. Third, there should be alcohol—the more, the merrier. Finally, there should be music. Loud, booming, danceable music.

If there’s one venue where you can get all four things without leaving the heart of Montreal, it’s at a day club. Combining the high-energy of a nightclub with a pool party’s sunny fun, creative minds spawned a hybrid event that simply oozes bachelor party fun. Throw the dress code out the door, slip into a bathing suit, and get ready to splash around at any of Montreal’s hottest day clubs.

The pool is your dance floor in these outdoor parties, where the liquor flows like water and the music never stops. VIP experiences put you in the middle of the action while offering perks like bottle service and front-of-the-line access. 

Montreal Club Crawl

World-renowned entertainers will keep the party going until it’s time to slip into fancier attire, pile into the limousine, and head out for an evening of nonstop fun across the city.

You could choose one nightclub to party at and let that be the venue for your bachelor party. Or you can not limit yourself so much and see what’s going down at clubs all over the city. Choosing the right nightclub for your bachelor party can be a nightmare – but a Montreal club crawl eases that stress by offering entry into many venues throughout the city.

At each lavished establishment, you’ll enjoy the VIP treatment, including immediate access, a private table, and bottle service. Drink back those mixers, because they’re all included. Since no two nightclubs are alike, the club crawl lets your party experience the entertainment at several in one evening. 

You’ll experience the height of extravagance as you’re carted off in luxury transportation between nightclubs throughout the evening. It’s one thing to be a VIP guest at a nightclub, but it’s an entirely different experience to enjoy that title at multiple venues in one night. Do you know how long you’d have to wait in line to experience multiple clubs in one night without a crawl? 

Of course, you may consider the club crawl the prelude to the evening’s real entertainment. The nightclubs will amp up the energy to prepare you for the irresistible fun of Montreal’s alluring strip clubs.

Strip Clubs

Strip clubs and bachelor parties go hand-in-hand. If you’re celebrating your last night as a bachelor, wouldn’t you want to do so in the company of gorgeous women? Not just any attractive women, though. These gals want to make sure you have an incredible, memorable evening.

Like nightclubs, Montreal strip clubs offer a VIP experience with a private table, front-of-the-line access, and an abundance of alcohol. That already sounds like the perfect evening, but throw on that you’ll be eyeing up sexy ladies as they bare all, and you know you’ve hit the jackpot. 

Montreal’s nightlife amps up the strip club experience with “contact” clubs. Meaning you can actually touch the beauty performing a sexy lapdance for you (within reason). They’re not common elsewhere in North America, so a contact strip club is a real treat for a bachelor party. 

A strip club is the cherry on top of an already incredible day, offering a close to the event that’s going to embed itself into your mind forever.

Winter Skiing

If you’re in Montreal from December to March and don’t mind a little snowy weather, there are multiple ski slopes very close to Montreal. You’ll have a hard time not getting engrossed in the vast sights offered by the higher altitude. During the chilled months, it’s a wintry paradise with everything glistening in pure white. This lends to some fast-paced skiing that’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

There’s plenty of lodging, dining, and shopping in the Pedestrian Village, so a day at Mont-Tremblant and can really be a self-contained experience. You can speed down the slopes one moment and grab a hot bite to eat the next. With 102 different trails and four slopes that cater to newcomers and skilled skiers, it’s tough not to leave Mont-Tremblant with a giant smile on your face.

You can also get a glimpse of nature at Mont-Tremblant by renting a bicycle and joyride through the surrounding wilderness.