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Your bachelor party in Montreal will include plenty of thirsty men with different tastes. Some love vodka and others demand whiskey. Then there are the gin lovers who usually tend to hold high standards when it comes to popular liquor. There is no doubt that the best gins are found across the city on every speed rail in every nightclub. Gin mixes well with 7-UP or Sprite, tonic, soda, pineapple, and cucumbers.

A bonus of drinking gin is if you can believe it actually can help improve your health. In moderation, drinking Gin can help you eliminate water retention which in turn helps fight kidney and liver disease. Juniper Berries are among the many ingredients that provide the healthy elements of drinking gin. In the middle ages, Gin was used as herbal medicine. If someone says you are drinking too much gin, you can tell them you are healing! Gin is also low in calories especially if you don’t mix it with high sugar mixers. Your fat ass will appreciate not gaining any more weight. 

Adding gin to your bottle service selections is a good idea because in every group there are about three to four guys who will appreciate it. Not only will the boys like it, but plenty of women also love Gin too. Offering ladies shots of gin isn’t suggested unless you have a shaker and special mixers to make them tasty. 

Offering a glass of gin to a pretty woman helps ensure some conversation even if it gets awkward. It can and will happen when you offer a chick a shooter she downs it and scrams. Offering drinks to any gender, in general, will make them feel obliged to stick around for more than one sip. If she chugs her glass and scrams, well she was either an alcoholic or wants nothing to do with you! 

Here is a list of our favourite gins you may find in any Montreal strip club or night clubs with ease.


Bombay Gins’ beautiful ocean blue bottles are unmistakable and iconic in the world of gins. In 1761 Thomas Dakin bought land to begin distilling Gin. In 1831 the Dakin family began distilling gin using an artisan infusion technique that captured the fruity botanical flavors via vapor. The technique is called vapor infusion and you can thank this technique for making Bombay gin so tasty. 

Till this very day Bombay calls Laverstoke Mill home in England, which you can visit and get a gin infused distillery tour too. Bombay offers some different variations of gin which include Bombay Bramble, Bombay Sunset, Star of Bombay and others. Do not expect to find these variations of gins readily available at clubs! Bombay Sapphire the original bottle is found easily in Montreal. You can’t go wrong with this classic gin.


Great Scott! The Scottish sure know how to make one hell of a gin! Hendrick’s is a very young company that started in 1999 in the seaside village of Girvan, found in the south west of Scotland. Despite the company’s young age, Hendricks was able to acquire two antique stills that date back to 1948 and 1860. These ancient stills work in tandem creating something they describe as a botanical steam bath which makes the gin hitting your lips lighter and a smoother experience without sacrificing flavour. 

Hendricks uses multiple botanical flavours including rose petals and cucumber that give Hendricks a distinct unique taste compared to its competitors. Hendrick’s takes pride in their products and only distills 500 liters a day while master distiller Lesley Gracie ensures premium quality gin every time. 

Hendrick’s is considered a higher-end gin, so expect to pay a higher price for the higher quality. Hendrick’s is found in most bars and clubs in Montreal. We strongly suggest just adding a small; splash of soda, so you can enjoy the cornucopia of flavor Hendricks is sure to bring.


Tanqueray gin claims to be the best gin in the world and they have won plenty of awards to help back up that claim.  Tanqueray originated in 1830 at the hands of Charles Tanqueray. This London dry gin tastes amazing and is perfectly balanced in taste and smoothness. 

Tanqueray always stands out in any liquor store with its emerald colored bottle that always catches your eye. Tanqueray is found in most clubs and bars, to be safe please advise beforehand and if you absolutely need to have, we will make sure a bottle of Tanqueray will be ready and waiting.


We have Alexander Gordon to thank for this gin that leans heavily on a distinctive Juniper taste. In Southwark, London in 1769 Alexander Gordon began distilling this flavourful gin and for 250 years has been sharing it with the world. 

There is a picture of a boar’s head on the bottle because the legend has it that one of Gordon’s family members saved the King of Scotland from a wild boar. Consider the boar as Gordon’s coat of arms.

Gordon has become more popular as of late in Montreal and can be found in more bars than ever before. It won’t cost you as much as Bombay or Tanqueray which makes it an affordable decent tasting gin.


This London dry gin originates in 1876 at the Chelsea Distillery in England by the guiding hands James Burrough. In 1958 Beefeaters moved to Montford Place and call it home until today. 

If you are wondering what a beefeater is, I don’t blame you. On their bottles you’ll see a picture of a bearded man in a red uniform.  Beefeaters are royal guards who a long time ago used to get paid in part with chunks of beef. These royal guards continue to exist and work today at the Tower of London, I doubt steaks are still part of their contracts but hey, I can be wrong. I wonder if you sucked at the job, they would give the guard a shittier cut of meat. 

This gin has the strongest taste that borders on bitter. Not my personal favourite but if you enjoy it, who am I to judge? Drink it while eating a steak and consider it a tribute to the Beefeaters of yesteryear.