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I don’t care what anyone says, two is always better than one. Think about it, imagine having only one shoe or chopstick. Pretty useless all by themselves, they need company, they need that valuable second piece of the puzzle. Everything good comes in pairs like Adam and Eve or Tom and Jerry! Having two beautiful strippers is simply following the nature of reality. 

Getting one stripper might seem enough to satisfy your needs but that is far from the truth! Your bachelor party deserves more than a good show and the moment you add a duo of hot French-Canadian lesbians you know you are on the right path. 

The boys will love watching our beauties walk into your hotel suite and once their performance ends, you’ll have to remind the boys to blink. All our duos will have worked together in the past which allows them to know each other’s bodies. They won’t look awkward and fumble their way through lesbian activities unsure of each other’s boundaries. You want a sexy performance not a cat fight ( which only sounds good on paper) between strippers. 

We bring you only the best girls that know how to put on a show with other strippers. Another benefit of having two strippers is that they will feel even more comfortable within the bachelor party. Having ten guys give all their attention to one woman is sure to make things awkward and put unwanted pressure on her. Having two strippers who know each other will make them feel way more comfortable. They will be able to focus on their performance and let loose. 

You might spend a little more money, but every dollar spent will be worth it! You want to have the bachelor party and the groom to have plenty to look at. Having two performers in the privacy of your hotel or Air BnB is a no brainer plain and simple. You won’t have to worry about greasing their wheels to get more entertainment because everything is included in the price.  No need to tip either, unless you want to. All our performances are performed between two consensual adults. 

Check out our Private Lesbian Show options and our other amazing Strip House Experience packages that are guaranteed to thrill the most stoic in your group. Text us now!