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If you think having ten guys, two strippers and a bunch of bottles all crammed into your little hotel room you have another thing coming. No one wants to feel his best bud breathing down his neck as strippers try to dance in two feet of space. 

We’ve seen this mistake and trust us it gets awkward and the strippers didn’t enjoy the rough carpet they had to perform on. Getting a suite is the way to go. 

The Hangover movie is a great example of what a premium hotel suite can be like. Getting a hotel suite not only provides more space it will also become the central hub for your bachelor party in Montreal. 

You can keep your individual rooms private so no one can break your balls when you are passed out in bed. The Hotel suite is where all the action will take place. You will be comfortable with plenty of chairs and sofas to sit on. During your stay the suite is where you will catch up with old friends without having to yell over loud music. Bachelor parties are a great time to catch up and suites allow that to happen in comfort and privacy.  

If you’re booking the Strip House Experience you need to have a larger open space so our ladies can perform with ease.  Hell, how can you play Titty Pong beside your bed? You need space!

You may think booking a suite is too expensive, but the cost is easily divided and spread out within the group. Keep in mind if you are smart enough to book the Strip House Experience at your suite; you’ll save on liquor and transportation costs too. 

With years of experience, we know which hotels have the best suites that will accommodate any size of your group. We will not book you a hotel suite we are liable to get kicked out. We have the right connections to help make this happen.  

If you are booking hotel rooms, a wise best man always includes a suite. You can use our trip builder or text us now and we get started right away on turning your hotel suite into party central!