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You are in the planning phase of your bachelor party and you have Montreal lined up in your sights. You know that your bachelor party will be epic, and you look forward to exploiting everything Montreal has to offer. The question then becomes how long should the weekend last? Should it be a two-night affair or a three-night affair? Should the party arrive on Thursday and leave on Sunday? Or stick around until Monday.

Each variable will affect what activities you will be planning. We do know that Friday and Saturdays are always a sure thing to be a hit but what about Thursday and Sundays? Is Montreal’s nightlife happening on those days? We dive deeper into these questions so we can help clear the fog. In any case, whatever length of the weekend you chose, we always have your back! Text us now and we will personally tell you what’s best for your group.


The most common of all bachelor party weekends in Montreal is having two nights of debauchery. Your crew lands sometime late Friday morning or in the afternoon, giving you plenty of time to settle in at your hotel. This format for your weekend is also the most cost effective. Any extra nights will naturally incur more expenses, it doesn’t take an accountant to figure that out. Two nights allow for plenty of bachelor party activities including the possibility of Saturday afternoon day activity. 

This shorter itinerary also ensures the ability to party and enjoy your time in Montreal. Partying for a week straight is nearly impossible, especially if you’re drinking like sailors every day. You will be exhausted by the time Sunday comes around but at least you went strong for two nights. Leaving on Sunday also gives you the chance to get back home and recover because if you are back to work on Monday, you’ll need it!


The good old three-day split! Arriving in Montreal on a Thursday isn’t a bad idea because on Thursdays the itch to party starts to grow throughout the city. Upon arrival you can really settle in and get all your ducks in a row before the weekend kicks off. 

You and your crew can catch up without feeling pressured to run from one activity to the next. There will be less tourists, which means you can socialize with more locals and get to know a different side of the city. 

The best restaurants are usually booked up, so don’t assume you can simply walk in anywhere without a reservation. The strip clubs will be less packed which is also an added bonus because you will have more of the stripper’s attention at your disposal. The groom to be will appreciate the extra attention and so will you! 

The three-night weekend will be tougher on the body, so we suggest pacing yourself if that’s even possible. Going overboard with the drinking on Thursday night can turn the rest of the weekend into a lethargic, hungover terrible weekend. Use your heads! You should also note that not all clubs are at their best on Thursday night, and some aren’t even open. We know where the hotspots are, so you don’t end up wandering the streets holding each other’s cocks in your hands. You will be spent by the end of this weekend and lord knows your Sunday will consist of sleep, Tylenol and Gatorade.

Land Friday, leave Monday

Another three-night adventure but instead of landing Thursday you are leaving on Monday. This means Sunday is part of your bachelor party. Traditionally a holy day but in your case, Montreal has plenty of sinful activities to participate in.

There are plenty of boozy brunches offered around the city that will postpone your Saturday night hangover to Monday. There will be plenty of service industry staff looking to get their drinks on after working the weekend. That’s right, plenty of sexy barmaids and waitresses who are thirsty and free to join the bachelor party if you play your cards right. Some restaurants aren’t open on Sunday, but Montreal has so many options you will barely notice. 

During the summer Montreal hosts festivals every week. For example, if you like comedy you can watch stand up at the Just for Laughs Festival. We suggest the Nasty Show for any and all bachelor or bachelorette parties. 

If you are into racing or looking for a unique experience, there is also the Formula 1 Montreal Grand Prix. The race takes place Sunday afternoon, giving you plenty of time to sleep in. You’ll watch a great race with over one hundred thousand spectators.

Sticking around Montreal for Sunday activities is a solid idea but convincing your stag party will be a tough sell. Landing back home on Monday might mean losing a day of work which isn’t always possible to arrange.  

In all cases Montreal offers plenty of activities to fill all your days during your stay. We will work with you to set the best itinerary for your bachelor party ensuring a smooth weekend, be it two nights or four we got you covered.