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Not everyone can afford to have a tiger and thirty strippers at their bachelor party. When organizing your Montreal bachelor party, you need to consider the various budgets you will encounter and need to consider within your group. 

Saving money never hurts anyone unless going cheaper means less fun. It is important to be fiscally responsible and have a fair share of entertainment. Here are some ways to save some of those dollars while keeping the party going.


You can skip paying a cover charge, overpriced booze and transportation costs when you allow the strippers to come to you. You can turn your hotel suite or Air BnB into your own personal Bada Bing. Your accommodations will be more than just a place to sleep and become home to your entertainment. 

Our Strip House Experience and the amazing options it entails are available day and night. Please note that all our strippers are hand-picked and screened to assure quality. You are truly maximizing the usage of your money spent on accommodations by including this option. You’ll save money while keeping everything happening private and amongst the friends you love most. The cost of the shows or activities is easily split among the crew and getting lap dances are always optional. 


At the night club or strip club, getting bottle service will make your accountant smile. The math is simple; individual drinks will cost you more than buying a bottle. In fact, clubs prefer you buy individual drinks and shots because the profit margin is that much higher. 

Montreal loves to party, and you’ll be shocked when you see how much our bottles cost. This isn’t South Beach, Florida where you will pay 500$ for a 26oz bottle of Bombay gin! With bottle service comes an exclusive spot in the club and will also attract the ladies. You’ll save wasting time at the bar and have some more room for your elbows.

 With our help you can even have the bottles prepaid, so you don’t have to chase your drunk friends who suddenly lost their wallets at the end of the night. You’ll never have to fork over extra cash if you don’t want to.


If you simply plan on sleeping at your hotel and know you’ll be spending all your time outdoors in Montreal, maybe skip the five-star hotel. You can find plenty of three-star hotels whose prices are more reasonable than the Ritz Carleton. You’ll still be in the core of the city and your pockets will feel a little heavier.

Another tactic to implement is sharing your room with a buddy. You’ll split the cost of the room easily. Just try not to go with a single double bed, sleeping with your drunken best friend isn’t the best of ideas.


You might be thinking “wait for a second, aren’t strip joints expensive?”. They can be, but they also allow people with a variety of budgets to benefit from our sexy Quebecois strippers. If you want to save money, there is no need to get lap dances and you can also sit close to the stage and nurse a cold Budweiser. 

The great thing is if there are those at the party who want to spend more they can too. Expect lap dances to cost anywhere from fifteen to twenty dollars per song. Just make sure to get one dance and get the hell out of the booth if you want to save money. Songs are played shorter in strip clubs and our strippers are so good at conversation you can easily get sucked in for five songs. If you want to save, stay focused, take what you can get, and scram!


Finding beautiful restaurants that serve great food are not hard to find in Montreal. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a bite either. Montreal offers a wide range of restaurants with varying price ranges that can accommodate your group’s budgets. 

Montreal also has plenty of bring your own restaurants and won’t have massive corkage fees like in New York City. You can visit the local SAQ (liquor store) and get your wine at cost price. A huge save for your wallet that might mean an extra lap dance later.