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When I was a bartender, I got to serve many amazing bachelor parties in Montreal. They partied all night long, got into no fights and even picked up chicks by the end of their nights. That being said, I have also seen plenty of train wrecks where I wondered if the bachelor party even had a pulse. 

There is no doubt alcohol will be consumed throughout the weekend. Controlling yourself can be difficult for some of your guests because excitement usually makes them feel invincible. I consider Friday nights to be the most dangerous night for any bachelor party. Your crew will be thirsty, the hormones will be raging, ego’s growing and adding alcohol into the mix can spell disaster for the next day. We listed here a bunch of tips to help you survive your drunken weekend in Montreal.


Timing is everything when you drink alcohol and starting too early in most cases can result in an early night. Having good timing also means finding the right pace for you. If you know having three drinks in thirty minutes has you barking at the moon, make sure to have two drinks instead. Your bachelor party needs to be honest with themselves and drink respecting their tolerance. As the best man you might have to be the one controlling the crazy bastards so give this advice before things get started.  Maybe skip the hotel bar when you arrive, create gaps in the drinking so you can stay alive all night, all weekend.  


There are a couple ways to drink alcohol, and what you choose to drink and how you consume it will play a major role in how wasted or not you will be. Think of the bachelor as a race that takes place over the whole weekend. 

As mentioned above, pace and timing will be crucial. In addition to that, consider shots to be like taking a sprint and having drinks as taking a jog. First off, the race is not a sprint! Having twenty shots before midnight will leave the poor bastard wasted and spent! Lord only knows he won’t have any juice left for day two! That’s why it is important to have more drinks than shots during your buildup getting to the nightclub.  Avoid bottle shots until the very end of your night because at least if you black out, from that point on you’ll remember the strippers and all the other fun activities you experienced until that point. 


For many, what they drink will determine what kind of drunk they will be and how hungover they will be the next morning. Whatever you choose to drink, try and stay consistent with your choice. Avoid mixing and trying every different liquor on the planet in one night. If you have vodka stick to vodka, if you have rum stick to rum!

Another key factor is choosing your mixer and we strongly suggest soda or tonic because they are the least sweet of all the mixers. Sugar is the devil; it makes you fat and dumb but also makes your hangovers ten time worse! Keep in mind any “brown” liquors have way more sugar than clear ones. So, you need to ask yourself if this is the right weekend to dance with Jack Daniels. 

On a side note for the wine lovers, also consider how much and how strong the wine is. Red wine can make you sleepy and doesn’t always mix well with hard liquors. What you consume will play a strong role in how well you will survive your weekend.


After all the debauchery you just experienced during Montreal’s wild night life you need to sleep! It’s a bachelor party and no one in their right minds expects you to be awake at 8am. Sleep in and let the body recover as best it could. Make sure to have plenty of Gatorade or water by your bed. 

Staying hydrated will be crucial in resurrecting your broken body. Do not sleep with a buddy, get your own bed! Two drunks in the same bed can never be a comfortable experience for both men. You need space and you don’t want to be woken up by your best bud either. 

Getting enough sleep will make your Saturday that much better. Besides, we offer great services that bring women and food right to your door. You won’t even have to leave your bed! 


Equip these items to help survive your bachelor party:

  • Water: not just one 350ml bottle, lots of cold water, liters of it!
  • Gatorade: tastes good and filled with electrolytes to keep you hydrated
  • Pedialyte: Made for kids or adults with explosive diarrhea but also useful for hangovers, highly concentrated electrolytes and other nutrients 
  • Coconut water: healthy source of electrolytes
  • Vitamin B1,B6,B12: Helps replace the vitamin b you lost taking body shots and kick starts your metabolism which will help the hangover
  • Snacks: Get some bananas, nuts or crackers. They will help settle the storm in your belly. 
  • Women: A sexy stripper serving your eggs will make you forget the headache